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Calender app with home screen icon that shows the correct date
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How hard can it be to make a calendar app's homescreen icon display the the correct date daily, instead of always making it appear to be the 31st (as Google does) or some other random stuck-in-the-mud date forthe whole month, every month? The way it is, the calendar icon can only be right 7 times a year, which is 358 days short of usefulness. Unless you want to open the entire app to check the days date, which wastes time, because most of these calendar apps now have such a busy-looking interface it takes a few minutes to find the actual date among all the other 'useful' crap they're stuffed with. And the only way to get my phone to display the date every day is to have it on lock mode which I don't want. Maybe it's just my phone ,as it's cheap - lol.
Edie, May 13 2024


       Baked on iPhone, built-in calendar app. I'm sure some Android users have app suggestions that will work for you.
a1, May 13 2024

       The calendar app that came with my Android phone does this.
Voice, May 13 2024

       [Edie]'s phone is a Nokia 3210
hippo, May 13 2024

       The original or the remake?
a1, May 13 2024

       [Voice] - Really? I didn't know they made Android burner phones.
a1, May 13 2024

       My Google (Android) Pixel 8 does this. As does every iPhone I've ever seen. So to answer the question posed in your first statement, not hard at all.
tatterdemalion, May 15 2024

       I don't want to sound like a hippo-critic but NO, hippo, my phone is a Hisense entry level phone. Android. Pretty crappy but not a burner phone, a1....more like a bummer phone heheh.   

       I was lazy about doing the research on this one. And I still need to go through the rules of Halfbakery. Bear with me, I'm learning.
Edie, May 16 2024

       // Bear with me, I'm learning. //   

       What is the bear teaching you?
a1, May 16 2024


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