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Cell phone alarm clock function

Set your cell phone to ring at specified time.
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Probably baked in the latest gadgets. But, most cell phones have both a good clock and an effective ringer, so I can't understand why there's no way to set one to ring at a specified time. Different tones could signal alarm vs. incoming call. Besides the obvious alarm clock/reminder applications, I would set mine to go off an hour after a predictably boring meeting starts, thus giving a handy excuse to leave.
rmutt, Aug 22 2000

iPing (ssheth's link.) http://www.mrwakeup.com/
Mr. Wakeup, Ms. Reminder, Mr. Notify, Ms. Followup, Dr. Dose, and Mr. Dollar. [jutta, Aug 22 2000]


       This is really 100% baked.
enveekaa, Aug 22 2000

       already done .. check out www.mrwakeup.com .. it can ring you at any specified time .. and can be set up to auto-repeat every day, weekday, week, etc.
ssheth, Aug 23 2000

       Nokia made this work on their 6160 phones. Used to use it all the time. Then got a Motorola Star tac. which doesnt even have a clock!
memagilq, Aug 23 2000

       My Uniden pager used to have this feature. It actually had three independent alarms: one which would go of daily, one weekly, and one one-time-only.
supercat, Aug 23 2000

       My phone -- a Nokia -- has an alarm on it. Doesn't RING necessarily, but who can tell?
arghblah, Sep 28 2000

       LG 4400 and 5500 both do this, using any of the dozen or more ringtones, user selected, for as many as three different alarm times.
gardnertoo, Nov 06 2004


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