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Cartoon Connect

I can't tell you my girlfriend's phone number.
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Can you? When I was 12 I had memorised at least 10 phone numbers. Today I probably know 2.

Kevin Trudeau conned me into buying his Mega Memory course before my final year exams. I didn't complete the course and rarely use any of it, but remember he did use a cute way to remember numbers: by assigning each number a picture (1 is tree, 2 is light switch, 3 is stool...) and then giving them colour and action. So, 555-6208 might look like this:
2 black gloves (55) shake hands while a 3rd (5) bursts between them holding a yellow gun (6) that shoots off the top of a polka dot light switch (2). A giant donut (0) comes bounding out of the crater created, landing on a pink skateboard (8) that flies into the air smacking you on the nose.

Assign your own 10 pictures and the Cartoon Connect app will create a cartoon around/involving a photo of your girlfriend or any other significant. It will play on the screen briefly whenever you scroll to her name. Some numbers are worth remembering.

Batteries die.

shudderprose, Oct 29 2009

Wikipedia: Mnemonic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mnemonic
[jutta, Oct 29 2009]

Kevin Trudeau http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Kevin_Trudeau
[shudderprose, Oct 29 2009]


       Cute n clever. [+]
wagster, Oct 29 2009

       Just for accuracy's sake - Kevin Trudeau has contributed absolutely nothing, zip, zilch, big bounding donut to the practice of mnemonics; he's merely one of many who have popularized this well-known method.
jutta, Oct 29 2009

       Bloody Canadian politicians.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2009

       // Canadian politicians //   

       Wasn't that Garry Trudeau ?
8th of 7, Oct 29 2009


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