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Achievement Parole

Life with a very slight chance of parole
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A new sentence to only be used in suitable cases, where the judge orders a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

This sentence has the addition of an 'unless', such as 'unless while you are in prison you find the cure for cancer'.

It would not be a guarantee of immediate parole, but it would open up a parole hearing which the prisoner would otherwise not be entitled to. At the hearing, the board would take into account time served, general behaviour and attitude, as well as the magnitude of the discovery made and its benefits to humanity.

I'm not in favour of releasing dangerous criminals, but I think significant achievements could be made by a mind dedicated to a problem for 30 years or so.

marklar, Mar 09 2008

Bard College Prison Initiative http://www.bard.edu/bpi/
People working on higher education in prison [wolfandtell, Apr 14 2008]

Inmates staff call-centre. http://www.timesonl.../article3613754.ece
[coprocephalous, Apr 14 2008]


       So if, hypothetically speaking, a Hannibal Lector type cures Schizophrenia...we let him out?   

       It seems unlikely that the research facilities in prison would be adequate for discovering a cancer cure. On the other hand, quite a lot seems to come out of British universities.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2008

       Or you could make it more realistic and give parole to prisoners who get a diploma/learn jobfinding/holding skills. This for those who are in for several years instead of life. This might already be done because it is good behaviour. +
zeno, Mar 09 2008

       So, if and when I do find the cure for cancer, I should sit on it until after my bank heist?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2008

       I thought I'd been pretty clear, I guess not.   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal] A cancer cure does not guarantee release, it only grants you a hearing.   

       [MaxwellBuchanan] True, perhaps cancer is not an ideal example. I imagine that there are a number of problems you could work on with only an internet connection.   

       [zeno] This is only for people who are currently told they will never get parole, anyone else can have a parole hearing anyway.   

       [manicdictator] I didn't say they were.   

       [MaxwellBuchanan] I think the chances of someone finding the cure and then commiting a crime demanding life without possibility of parole, but not the death penalty are pretty slim. Any other sentence and your get out of jail freeish card would be invalid. Also remember that it only gets you a hearing, not automatic release.
marklar, Mar 10 2008

       How about, as well as that, they produce great works of art which are released anonymously and then critically acclaimed, or not? Perhaps being in prison would inspire this anyway, and it could act as a form of rehabilitation.
nineteenthly, Mar 10 2008

       Yeah, I could imagine the courtroom scene.   

       "For your crimes, You have been sentenced to life in prison, without ever EVER, and I do mean NEVER being eligible for parole." (the judge is from Texas, and sounds a little like a cartoon character)   




       "you completely eliminate racism."   

rascalraidex, Mar 10 2008

       This is an interesting idea, worth exploring. I believe in higher education in prison and would like to do something about it in my home country, so maybe who knows this idea might be something to explore in the line of research in prison, at least as an idealist example of rehabilitation in prison. There would be some points against though. Seems a complex subject to me, that would require a lot of thinking and planning to make it possible. Reading suggestion: "Higher education in prison - A contradiction in terms? - Miriam Williford" See also the link for the Bard College Prison Initiative.
wolfandtell, Apr 14 2008

       //I think the chances of someone finding the cure and then commiting a crime demanding life without possibility of parole, but not the death penalty are pretty slim//
Only "slim" in those benighted parts of the globe where the death penalty is still permitted.
coprocephalous, Apr 14 2008

       I don't think prisoners will be allowed internet connections any time soon. "Dear Fingers, please send me some jelly for my party at 7:30 on Monday. Yours in anticipation, Nosher".
james_what, Apr 14 2008

       //I don't think prisoners will be allowed internet connections any time soon//
[james_what] Wanna bet? [linky]
coprocephalous, Apr 14 2008

       [SH] Innocent until proved guilty? Nah.
james_what, Apr 14 2008


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