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Acronym Vocable Barbershop

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A style of music, making heavy use of complex harmonisation, where the "words" sung are acronyms, used as vocables.

The fields of computer science and the military provides fertile ground for composition and thematic variation, though other sources are, of course, not ruled out.

calum, Oct 20 2006

Digital Modulation http://www.sss-mag....pdf/1modulation.pdf
Communication systems [csea, Oct 20 2006]


       <sung to a the tune of a scale>
16 QAM
Sixty-Four QAM!
Jinbish, Oct 20 2006

       I'd be impressed by anyone who could vocalize QPSK, let alone 64-QAM. Does this include trellis coding and error correction?
csea, Oct 20 2006

       //vocalize QPSK//
Perhaps that subset of sci-fi fan who can speak Klingon, which conjours up images of a a Cornish Pasty-headed Quartet harmonising and spraying spittle over passing shoppers.
calum, Oct 20 2006

       I once dropped a "talking calculator" into the toilet by accident. When I took it out it went haywire, and vocalised a string of delightful gibberish before it stopped working completely. What's this got to do with your idea calum? - not too sure, but I like the idea, and it reminded me somehow of the demise of my calculator. +
xenzag, Oct 20 2006


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