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All wind Depeche Mode cover band

Or is it baked?
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This would be a 16 member band of all woodwind instruments, and a drummer. They would cover Depeche Mode songs. The bigger, lower instruments would be well represented - I envision much work for the larger clarinets and baritone sax.

I could have sworn this was a real thing, but on searching for it to purchase some music, I found nothing. Can I have dreamed it?

bungston, Jul 02 2007

Balanescu Quartet - Possessed http://www.amazon.c...d=1183362989&sr=8-1
[hippo, Jul 02 2007]


       A wonderful concept, although it may not pan out to be as much fun to listen to as the my twisted mind thinks.
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       Reminds me of the Balanescu Quartet's cover versions of Kraftwerk songs using only string instruments (link).
hippo, Jul 02 2007

       Contemporary music covered with orchestral instruments. Been done to death, [bung].
wagster, Jul 02 2007

       Okay, I'm having trouble here: for the lead guitar part in "Personal Jesus," do we use oboes, or pan flutes? 'Cause everybody knows of the rock potential of the pan flute.
elhigh, Jul 02 2007

       Or is it an invention? Or an interesting idea? Or simply a bad one?
nomocrow, Jul 02 2007

       [BrauBeaton], try GunsnRoses, or Janes Addiction, Tool or more of that ilk.
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       OK, lose the drummer.   

       The idea here is not a muzak-style tight instrumental cover, but to bring out occult aspects of a piece but retain familiarity which is important for enjoyment. I chose Depeche Mode because their songs have many minor-key changes which I think would be done justice by low woodwinds. A similar endeavor I could have sworn that I heard of was a rendition of Sousa marches at about 1/10th speed with melody de-emphasized and emphasis on the chord changes, to show that really, it was opera.   

       Hippo, I thought maybe your link was what I heard before, but they are a string quartet. I am sure they do what I propose above to the Kraftwerk tunes.
bungston, Jul 02 2007

       What about huge wind chimes that are activated by the elements to play Mode melodies?
emnonwodog, Jul 15 2007


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