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Action Taxis

Are You Tired Of Boring Taxis?
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Action taxis may be more expensive than the regular ones, but every penny is worth it. All taxis are driven by former stuntmen who will know very well exactly what can or can’t be done safely in a car.

So the customer gets in, puts on their seatbelt (they’ll definitely want to be putting on their seatbelt) and is whisked off to their destination.

Depending on whether or not they’re in a hurry, they can choose either the direct route or the scenic route. If they choose the direct route then they will be taken straight to their arrival point at the fastest speeds safe (whilst obviously staying within the speed laws (roughly)). However, the scenic route will cause them to be taken on a round-about journey to their location. Most of the time this journey will be uneventful, but on rare occasions riders will find themselves involved in a exhilarating car chase being pursued by another cab driver. After a mad-cap race around the local area, your driver will somehow manage to lose the tail and take the thrilled customer to where they want to go.

hidden truths, Aug 31 2007

Taxi http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0152930/
The review is quite true. [theleopard, Sep 07 2007]


       The taxi drivers could set up ramps, half-opening drawbridges, fake fruit stands, etc. beforehand, then pick up a passenger and be sure to crash into all these things on the way to the destination.
phundug, Aug 31 2007

       (btw: obligatory "in NYC, we get action taxis for no additional charge" /obligatory)
phundug, Aug 31 2007

       Well that's the flip-side of this idea. If your area is notorious for insane taxi drivers, then this may even be the cautious thing to do. At least you know that these drivers will have been trained.
hidden truths, Sep 01 2007

       do black cabs have seat-belts? I've been wondering about this ever since I had to research the beltability of stretch limos.
po, Sep 01 2007

       They do indeed, po.
calum, Sep 01 2007

       //in NYC, we get action taxis for no additional charge//   

       Or Baghdad, Bangkok, Mexico City, *anywhere* in Italy, etc.
nuclear hobo, Sep 01 2007

       "You talkin' to me?"   

       "Are YOU talkin' to ME?"
noncompliance, Sep 01 2007

       What phundug said.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2007

       I would prefer the opposite of this idea: inaction taxis.   

       Taxi drivers are required by law to receive 6 months training in butler school. They always indicate and drive leisurely below the speed limit, respect traffic rules to the letter, stop when the light is yellow, accelerate and brake gently, are courteous to other road users, stop for cyclists and pedestrians and smile at them, and never use their horn.   

       Oh what a better place cities would be.
kinemojo, Sep 01 2007

       [kinemojo] Yeh, sure it sounds nice and all, but I'm not paying extra because lazybones won't put his foot down.
fridge duck, Sep 02 2007

       [hidden tuths], have you recently been watching 'Taxi'? I'm talking the French, Luc Besson produced classic, not the trite, irritating Hollywood remake of the same name.   

       Because you should.
theleopard, Sep 05 2007

       Haven't seen the original and will never see the remake if it's the one I'm thinking of. Is that the one with Queen Latifah in it?
hidden truths, Sep 07 2007

       Don't ever see the remake, it is the one you're thinking of. The original [linked] is a great little action film, funny, exciting with some good characters (although quite two dimensional) and it is well worth a look. The sequel is too, because it's like the first one but with ninjas. What a formula.   

       They are great.
theleopard, Sep 07 2007


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