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Backpack Taxi Service

A simple refinement of all these robopacks i'm hearing about
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With all of the schoolchildren, professionals, travelers and the like who only need go a few blocks burden free why not use the backpack taxi service? It could operate in city centres as a drop off and delivery area, or in smaller towns as a pay per play service from the taxi company.

I'd venture a guess that 80% of taxi fare hours are driven with an empty trunk. So why not have them join a service to make a few extra bucks (50% off regular fare) and deliver peoples backpacks to their destination so the person can walk unburdened.

As for home delivery, Individuals need only purchase an outdoor pack safe for delivery of their items. Bluetooth communication between the trunk and removable bluetooth backpack tag could keep the journey of your pack on record for security purposes. GPS could possibly up the security while allowing fleet tracking by the taxi company as well as the pack delivery service. Delivery to a hotel concierge is a no brainer too. Check out the city before checking in!

I can't tell you how much I hate biking and walking to worked burdened by my stuff. This service would be great for all of you who have felt my pain.

Ponies for Parties, Dec 20 2005


       Wouldn't you have the problem of not-so-honest taxi drivers driving up a few blocks, opening up the bag, and nicking whatever was inside?   

       Good idea anyway, bun.
froglet, Dec 20 2005

       Yes, but with this one I figured it is so wide open for discussion about that little setback that someone probably has a better idea than me. The one i did have was that every bag is sealed in a large, reusable bluetooth security bag (not a tag) that would alarm the company at the exact moment the bluetooth bag was opened. This could also be purchased from the delivery company overseeing the whole shindig. Could work like an E-Z pass membership? See what I mean? so many angles I figured best leave it be before this post was too long.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 20 2005

       This would also create more space to sit on the commuter trains and buses. I take the train to work and half the people on there have these huge bags either partially blocking the aisle or taking up a seat where someone could be sitting.
DVineMissEva, Dec 20 2005

       Excellent! [+]. You could also have "hubs" for drop-off & delivery (such as airports, hotels, apartment buildings, shopping malls, & schools).   

       As for security, most of the time, the contents would be of minimal value to someone else (textbooks, used clothes, etc.). You'd still easily carry your few valuables.   

       Just combine low-value, pain to break into, and high likelihood of being caught & punished, and it'll be as safe as walking around with it.
sophocles, Dec 20 2005

       Puts drugs runners out of business I suppose.
zeno, Dec 20 2005

       TAKUHAIBIN! In japan this service is fabulous! You arrive at the airport, delirious from jet lag....you claim your luggage...drop it off and they deliver it anywhere you want. Even a local convenience store!! When you're ready to leave Japan...not matter where you are....call 'em up they come and get it and take it to the airport for you. You claim it from them, check it in and life is so much easier. And all for about $20 or so per bag! Modify their system and you're on your way! :) Check out japan-guide.com Home>Travel>What to bring
tuff2bqueen, Dec 21 2005

       ah, [lukecleland] and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago. A taxi courier service - a bit like fedex but when you don't really care when it gets there. They pick it up from your office when they like and drop it off when they happen to be passing the destination. You benefit from a reduced charge.
neilp, Dec 21 2005

       TAKUHAIBIN! I knew this must have some global incarnation somewhere. Its probably so mundane seeming for most people who I talk to in Japan that its obvious i'd never hear about it. Hells yeah, i'm following up with the "how'd they do it" in Japan with my buddies over that way! Thanks!   

Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005

       Seems like people carry too much around these days. Maybe should rationalise what you put in your backpack. If you can't carry it without problems then don't. Just another facet of laziness.
alien_val, Dec 21 2005

       I'd love this for shopping sprees. After teh first hour of serious clothes shopping you definitely wish for a slave to follow you round with your bags and boxes. This is particularly the case with shoes, bottles of wine etc etc. I would love them to be delivered to my home - perhaps placed in one of those security delivery hatches which I can't believe aren't standard on homes yet (cf. ebay parcels, Tesco home delivery etc). Big sticky Christmas bun.
rubyminky, Dec 23 2005

       Heh, I read through this whole idea thinking it was some kind of motorized luge thing that you carried around on your back when not in use. You hired one from a taxi company(?) and motored around on your back all day.   

       Wasn't till I read the last anno that I clicked
andrew1, May 07 2007


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