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Active Collision Avoidance System

Use a microwave beam to move people and animals out of the way
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This is a more generalized version of my Microwave Pain Train idea. I deleted that one.

Take a microwave pain ray device (the military apparently calls them Active Denial Systems) and mount it to the front of a train, passenger or cargo jet, or any large transport which runs a risk of striking a living thing, due to being unable to stop quickly. Stick it on a moveable platform of some sort controlled by servo motors and a computer hooked up to various sensors (similar to what you'd find on a self-driving car). If an object is in the path of travel ahead, the computer can point and fire the ray (in pulses, perhaps, to avoid paralyzing someone with pain) to alert or alarm the object of an imminent collision (e.g. a train can use the pain ray to cause a cow to move off the tracks, or a jet could use it to cause a flock of birds to change their flight path). It could be set to auto-disable itself if the speed of the vehicle is very low (a taxiing plane, a train engine hooking up or moving to another track).

The idea could extend to ground based pain rays remotely activated by the speed, direction and location of the train or other vehicle, as to make it effective around curves and such.

Obviously nobody wants to be beamed with searing microwaves, but it probably beats being slammed into by a freight train, just sayin'.

Size_Mick, Mar 17 2017


       Gave you a [+] on the halfbakery patent assistance idea...
pashute, Mar 20 2017

       Add cameras and image recognition to allow it to track cyclists, pedestrians - and cats ... MUHWHAHAHAHAHA !   

8th of 7, Mar 20 2017


       "This is a more generalized version of my idea - I deleted that one"
normzone, Mar 20 2017

       Just wanted to add that maybe it should remain always on when the vehicle is in motion, and only the intensity should be lowered. It could use some formula to determine the appropriate focal distance, area and intensity, based on the speed of the vehicle and the size and distance of the object blocking the path.   

       You know, I'm no engineer but I suspect there may be a way to make something like this with the waveguide being the only moving part.
Size_Mick, Mar 25 2017


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