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Actual Police Corruption app

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Put simply, it's Uber but for Police Corruption..

Say, you have some pressing need to break the law.

You simply post details of the crime with this app, and then accept the lowest bid from the Police Officer on duty in that area, They then overlook whatever it is and get paid via the app paypal function.

It just saves all this fooling around with banknotes in brown paper envelopes which is so 1970's.

In this way the salaries of Police Officers can be lowered and it is borderline possible that crime might actually drop once a price for this kind of thing is established, as people do seem to care more about money than anything else.

not_morrison_rm, Dec 03 2014

Cannabis ATM [ytk, Dec 03 2014]


       …or, they'd just come and arrest you, as you've just admitted that you intend to commit a crime.   

       This sounds like the mobile version of [vfrackis]'s Cannabis ATM.
ytk, Dec 03 2014

       Now the FBI and the PayPal ethics committee will be reading the HB site. Is that the direction we wish the membership to grow?
popbottle, Dec 03 2014

       You mean you never noticed the annos by [FBI] and [paypal] ?
normzone, Dec 04 2014

       The interesting part would be when the Police realise they have something of a franchise opportunity on their hands.   

       They recruit officers from the developing nations, who get 25% of the looking the other way money.   

       The original officers get to go live off their 75%, possibly someplace cheap, in a warm country near a beach, which covers quite a lot of developing nations. Assuming they don't commit any crimes...   

       ...realising that this could get extremely recursive, I prefer to focus on the upsides, the 25% percenters would remit money home, so boosting the global economy and bringing the world into a new golden age of Prospero.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 04 2014

       Crime Starters.
the porpoise, Dec 04 2014

       Always tricky comparing occupations, as doctors get to do corrupt stuff too...and so does probably everyone else..   

       Reminds me of the old story of the last Dutch dairy farmer making cheese the old way, and two engineers, Koechlin and Nouguier. As the saying goes, the Gouda that man makes dies with him, whereas the Eiffel goes on and on.   

       <sound of trumpet going wa-waa-waaaa>
not_morrison_rm, Dec 04 2014


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