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Geo Annotation

Social Geo caching --blissmiss
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Walking at a path, you watch vibrates and shows a message "there is a nice water feature to your right". You peer closely to your right, and see indeed it is very nice. You press the up button to vote up the message.


The concept is simple. While hooking up to a twitter/annotation/etc... database.

If you are walking around and you hit a certain GPS coordinate, you can receive short messages related to the area, placed by a person who was at the location before.

This can be received on your smartphone. But I think this is more handy for your smartwatch (e.g. pebble, apple or android smartwatch).

If you like the message, you can swipe or press up. If its useless, then swipe or press down.

So those who place good useful geo annotation to a location will be heard more often.

Twitter could be a good source of messages, but you want a dedicated message store... otherwise old messages may be harder to trigger.


You could also join groups of people of similar interest, so that their aggregate of voting patterns will more closely match yours.

Think of this as social bookmarking, but location based.

mofosyne, Apr 06 2015

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Field Trip app by Niantic Labs (makers of Ingress)
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       Social Geo caching?
blissmiss, Apr 06 2015

       Google Earth watch extension app.
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2015

       Remote Murder by Geo Annotation:   

       Walking at a path, you watch vibrates and shows a message "there is a nice water feature to your right". You turn right and continue walking, and fall into a pit with sharpened stakes. You press the 0 button for operator assistance.
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 06 2015


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