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AdBlock RealWorld

Block advertisements EVERYWHERE
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This device is worn like a hat.

360º cameras mounted on top constantly monitor the surroundings and search for recognised advertisements and also for things that algorithmically look like adverts. Built-in GPS is also used for known advertisement locations.

When an advertisment is detected, a long arm swings down with a fan-shaped screen on the end to block the advert from view.

Up to 16 arms csn be delployed for maximum protection. The fans can open or shut to give wider or more targeted coverage.

Now you can walk around the city streets and never have to see an advertisement again!

pocmloc, Jan 14 2013

Rentisham's http://www.rentishams.co.uk/
[UnaBubba, Jan 15 2013]


       why not have the brim of the hat hang down in front of the user with a 360-degree viewscreen? then you won't need the mechanical blocker; you just edit the images that are conducted from the cameras to the screen.
Vernon, Jan 14 2013

       Whichever way you do it, you really ought to do it for each eye independently. Or else you will have to have very large blocked areas.
Kansan101, Jan 14 2013

       So have double arms, and the blocking panels are made of slats oriented so that one eye can see through between the slats while the other is blocked.
pocmloc, Jan 14 2013

       A big consumer of these will be ad agencies who will want to test that their redesigned ads aren't caught by the hat's algorithm.   

       But even if not, this will still allow us to see Rentisham's ads, right?
swimswim, Jan 15 2013

       Rentisham's... [see link].
UnaBubba, Jan 15 2013

       I can see it. Does that mean my hat is working?
swimswim, Jan 15 2013

UnaBubba, Jan 15 2013

       You forgot to add the link.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2013

       This is what "Google Glass" should do. Instead of a digital display screen, a digital dark screen. "Advertising-sensitive Sunglasses"
sninctown, May 29 2020

       Good advert for Rentisham's Flenting wax.
chronological, May 29 2020


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