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Advertise your life

Advertise your life
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Start an advertising company that sells ad space that belongs to regular individuals. This company would have a staff of auditors that would ensure that the people that agree to advertise, honor their contract.

Imagine take everything you own, and if it has a coverable surface, then sell advertising space on it. Even windows in your house could have a screen with advertsing on it. Public buses do it, why not you?

I figure the big three items are your clothes, car and home. But you could also have a comercial play on your voicemail or have spam attached to every email you send out.

Again, the auditors would make sure that you aren't abusing the system (sort of like insurance fraud investigators), with stiff penalties if you do. At the end of the month you get a nice fat check for all the selling out you are doing.

Anyone know how much you could get if you advertised a product on your car?

kidmoe, May 23 2003

Advertising on cars http://webdecal.com/index.shtml
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Advertising on your person http://www.foxnews....,2933,49197,00.html
Boxers have been doing this for some time now [latka, Oct 04 2004]

(?) For Amos http://www.tacomara...ainiers%20socks.jpg
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

Ad-funded house http://www.halfbake...a/Ad-funded_20house
A free house packed with advertising. [Aristotle, Oct 04 2004]


       Advertising on cars is baked.
To the extent that consumers sport garments bearing whopping great designer's names, advertising on clothes is baked.

       I suppose you can contract to do anything (but you can't contract with beasts) so this is doable. The penalties would best be dealt with in the contract.
my face your, May 23 2003

       advertising on car, clothes, voicemail, e-mail: baked   

       advertising on house: not baked (except in some apartments) but not likely if your neighbors have anything to say about it.
Worldgineer, May 23 2003

       //spam attached to every email you send out//
That one is baked by just about every free email service out there, as well as several email clients or enhancement utilities. (For instance, Cloudmark's SpamNet client-side spam filter continually asks me if I want to add an ad for it to my signature).
krelnik, May 23 2003

       Slight drawback: you need to be able to guarantee eyeballs before you can sell ad space. This is why sports stars are now covered in decals and you're not.
DrCurry, May 23 2003

       THE* SPAMMER THE*   

       *translated from the German.
ato_de, May 23 2003

Worldgineer, May 23 2003

       Der* Spammer Der*

*Translated from the English
thumbwax, May 23 2003

       Nike shoes -- Budweiser hat -- Madonna T-Shirt -- Everlast shorts... There's no room left on me for an ad. Wait, you could embroider something on my knee-high socks!
Amos Kito, May 23 2003

       It's an old simpson's joke, Sideshow Bob had a tatoo that read "Die Bart! Die!"   

       He said it was translated from the German and meant "The Bart! The!"
ato_de, May 23 2003

       Though I would normally have to hang my head in shame for missing a Simpsons reference, I'm going to have to say this one was a bit obscure.
Worldgineer, May 23 2003

       Is this idea from a film yeah minority report wasn't it i thought it was a good idea execpt they projected the advertisments from your brain so the ad's were everywhere they traveled
Brain 4 numbers, May 23 2003

       I'm sure there was a news story here in the UK recently about some company (probably booze-related) who gave students money to advertise their wares on their head. They either had the company's logo shaved into the back of their head, or wore a sticker on their forehead for a couple of hours every afternoon. Although it's possible I might have dreamed it.
dustmonkey, May 23 2003

       There's a club information website in Vancouver that gets girls guestlisted if they wear a tight shirt avec logeaux. Lots of free drinks, attention, and the like.   

       Dignity is the only thing they miss out on.
rapid transit, May 26 2003

       This idea is pointless. Why would companies want to pay us for advertising them when we already do it for free? Madonna wasn't wrong after all, we're living in a material world. Eso es terrible!!
Pericles, May 26 2003

       [World] hang your head in shame indeed, that simpsons reference is not even vaugly obscure.   

       tut tut.
TheCoat, Mar 08 2004

       It's hardly a brand new idea, to be honest. It's like the google ad thing, where you put google ads on your site and get paid per click, but moreso.   

       I would go for a bit of T-shirt wearing if i was paid to do so.
Mrlemonjelly, Dec 17 2005

       For a little extra I would throw in a perpetual ad on my grave marker. Here lies a Coke drinker. Prefers xBox in death as in life. Has left this earthly Motel 6 for a better place, Marriot Courtyard Suites. Although he is dead the dream of a Chrylser Crossfire is immortal.
geo8rge, Dec 17 2005


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