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Addon Problem Solver Addon

Use this to check if the browser problem was caused by an addon or plugin
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:| This addon goes into action only when you press the [[ CHECK ADDONS FOR PROBLEMS ]] button.

You can abort the process at any time.

It asks if you could give a short description of the browser problem, and gives you a short list of common browser problems like: "browser hangs with CONNECTING" or "Cannot reach website [Google.com |v] etc.

It drives you through a list of actions that it will automatically do in order to check if the problem persists.

These steps include clearing the cache (with an option of backing it up first, and restoring it later), rebooting the browser, closing too many open tabs, and disabling other addons and plugins one by one.

After each step it will ask you "DID THE PROBLEM GO AWAY? " (Yes / Some Improvement / No / Stop the solver)

If the answer was Some Improvement it asks for a description of the improvement or lets you continue,

If the answer was no or some improvement it explains exactly what it will do in the next step and gives you options to fine tune the step.

If all plugins and addons aren't at fault, it can prepare a bug report. The addon will also be updated with common bug solving knowledgebase from the browser's vendor, so that some common problems will quickly and clearly give you information about the bug you have encountered, and what steps need to be done, in order to avoid it, if possible, including browser updates.

pashute, Jan 10 2013




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