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Adhesive Pimplebaker

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It has been known for hundred of years that heat helps inflammation. The body fights inflammation by increasing local heat - bringing added blood flow and immune fighting cells to the afflicted region. This can be augmented with hot back, hot soaks and the like.

But what about pimples - especially those with a lot of disfiguring local inflammation, redness and swelling? It is hard to heat a localized part of the face. Hot soaks are difficult for pimples. Hot towels cool quickly. Yet if there were some good way to provide consistent warmth to a pimple, the healing and resolution process would be speeded considerably.

BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Pimplebaker. These little bandages look like a small gauze square with an adhesive baking. Once exposed to the air, the iron powder reacts inside to provide constant gentle heat over 8 or more hours. Affix one of more Pimplebakers to your pimples before bed and bake them into submission over the night. You will wake and be amazed to find your pimple all but healed.

bungston, Apr 04 2005


       sp: iron powder, possibly? Not keen on leaving an iron sitting on my face overnight.
moomintroll, Apr 04 2005

       Yes - powder it is. Sorry about that. Corrected now.
bungston, Apr 04 2005

       I had a music teacher wit burn marks on his face. Rumour was that the phone rang while he was ironing...
energy guy, Apr 05 2005

       Well that bake zit.   


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