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The Squeezing Troll

avert your eyes for it may take on many forms
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Certain skin conditions require specific care that dermatologists and or skin care specialists dare not apply themselves to. Also, the thought of propositioning a MD to lance a boil, remove goiter fluid and/or squeeze that nasty pimple on the back of your neck is a little unsettling.

Enter 'The Squeezing Troll' - a mobile door-to-door service that is especially equipped to deal with problem cosmetic pimples etc. Call them and within a designated period, someone will be at your door with pincers at hand to suck the pus from the area that has erupted in an unfashionable situation.

This service is perfect for saturday afternoons when an unsolicited zit has appeared on the tip of your nose etc and you have a big night ahead that simply cannot do with the extra facial guest. The Squeezing Troll is not actually a troll - though the employees wear a green outfit with a logo of a small leprechaun-like man covered in pus.

He or she is also skilled in makeup and putty techniques to ensure a smooth-skinned evening.

benfrost, Jun 18 2005


       First: EEWWW!   

       Second +
ato_de, Jun 18 2005

       This is a conversion for "Trolling Schools"? I suppose all colleges of the "healing arts" have their isolated test subjects. I've used dentistry colleges, tonsorial schools, academies of the culinary arts, pet care symposiums, and political workshops to get some adequate and well-supervised attention to my problems at little or no charge. Oh, and the days when the facility wants to calibrate its instrumentation -- those are insider dream vacations.
reensure, Jun 18 2005


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