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Comedone-Extracting/ Blackhead-Uprooting Microbot

Get unplugged!
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The Comedone-Extracting / Blackhead-Uprooting Microbot (CEBUM) is a miniature robotic thingy that trolls around on your face -- whilst you sleep, say -- extracting comedones and uprooting blackheads, automatically. In the morning it docks in its designated location (wherever THAT is) so that the sebum CEBUM has culled can be harvested for industrial purposes. (See Amazing Nose Oil Resources)
nihilo, May 04 2007

Amazing Nose Oil Resources Amazing_20Nose_20Oil_20Resources
This stuff's gotta have a million uses. [nihilo, May 04 2007]


       Pimp my ple's?   

       You just taught me a new word. Ta.
stilgar, May 04 2007

       Bring back W85!
methinksnot, May 04 2007

       Diagram needed; how will it minimise skin-damage, infection-risks, etc.?
pertinax, May 04 2007

       It's been thought of before, so this idea needs a little bit of an invention to it. Tell us even half of something clever about how it will detect or excavate, like terrain mapping, cutter resistance or IR cameras and cold spots.   

       Cute acronym, though. [ ]
baconbrain, May 04 2007

       Very much magic nanobot technology.
DrCurry, May 04 2007

       So where does it dock? Your ears?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 04 2007

       Yes, yes -- many questions. *Diagramming, diagramming...*
nihilo, May 05 2007

       [pertinax], it would probably have some form of protectant that would cover your face (such as a special kind of lotion) to prevent any infection or whatever, but this, like Clinique facial soaps and the Greek saying, must be used in moderation. (I get this horrible image in my head that shows what happens to people who've used it too long)   

froglet, May 05 2007


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