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Adhesive Rope

Ties that bind
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Most tapes have a low tensile strength, those that don't still rip in other ways. Imagine the possibilities of the combination of a rope that stays put due to its own adhesive.
sartep, Jun 09 2004


       string 'em up! oops, sorry!
po, Jun 09 2004

       S'alright. :)
sartep, Jun 09 2004

       Easy to climb, also? +
phundug, Jun 09 2004

       hey, I always wished I could climb a rope! call me fatty and I'll punch your lights out!
po, Jun 09 2004

       Hey po, Fatty!
The Kat, Jun 09 2004

       While climbing, you'll just get the friggin rope bunched up all around your hands... preventing your pursuer to catch up! BUN!
daseva, Jun 09 2004

       Maybe thats how we can make the ropes sticky in the first place...
daseva, Jun 09 2004

       sicky or sticky?
po, Jun 09 2004

       My apologies
daseva, Jun 09 2004

       Isn't this what straping tape is for?
GenYus, Jun 09 2004

       Non-knotty scouts, lasso-less cowboys and soaps on ropes stuck to showered bodies?
FarmerJohn, Jun 09 2004


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