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changing adhesion tape

only sticks when you want it to
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A type of multipurpose tape that only has very mild adhesion until you heat it or compress it, something you do to change the amount of adhesion.. The problem with a lot of heavy duty tapes are that if you aren't careful they stick to themselves and you end up having to throw it away.
Cymor, Dec 07 2001

This link brought to you by the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council http://www.pstc.org/
[hippo, Dec 07 2001]

Finite lifetime glue http://www.halfbake...lue/addlink#addlink
Idée Symbiotiques [phoenix, Dec 07 2001]


       Mind reading tape! Man, that is cool!
neelandan, Dec 07 2001

       I understand the heating . . . not the compression part, though.
bristolz, Dec 07 2001

       erm... that would be Pressure Sensitive Tape. You press it hard and it sticks hard. See link.
hippo, Dec 07 2001

       Where I work (in a library) we use a special type of sticky backed plastic <obligatory Blue Peter flashback> </obligatory Blue Peter flashback> to cover books which is only slightly adhesive at first to enable repositioning, but which bonds permanently over time (it takes about 1/2 an hour to stick fast). Perhaps this could be produced in thin strips.
salachair, Dec 07 2001

       The basis for heat - and pressure sensitive adhesives which may be incorporated into tapes is that of micro-encapsulation. Very small droplets of one component is encapsulated and dispersed within a matrix of the other component. This is the basis of the adhesives of the pressure sensitive type.   

       A "glue stick" which looks like a lipstick and is applied the same way (to paper you wish to stick, not the lips) is a microencapsulated product.   

       It is an old technique, old enough to have textbooks written on the subject, and the patents have probably expired.
neelandan, Dec 11 2001

       ...join the club!
pottedstu, Dec 11 2001


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