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Adjustable Booths

Adjustable size, sliding restaurant booths
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When eating out at restaurants I always take a booth over a table. And there's usually only one problem, the size. At many places the booths and tables are bolted down, and they are almost always set to accommodate somewhat larger sized people. Which is great, but, for a skinnier guy like myself if I want the comfy padded back support, I have to scoot back. Then during eating the distance my utensil has to travel to my mouth is entirely to far, risking spillage on my pants, or sitting on the edge of my seat and possibly end up with a cramped back. Unacceptable!

I have a simple fix, an adjustable booth! Underneath the seat would be a lever very similar to the ones found under the driver seats of cars without electric everything. Functioning just the same way as those seats, you could adjust the size to fit anyone. From children to pregnant women to extra large size persons. Even very young children could be moved into booths and out of regular hi-chairs that stick out in the aisle, annoying all passerby. And after large feasts you could slide it all the way back for some much needed slouching.

V, Jun 04 2011


       I want to bun this, but sometimes booths are attached to each other at the back, so the adjusting of one would change the position of the other. Each would have to be separate of each other and extra space left between each for the adjusting. Booths are usually crammed together for the saving of space.
xandram, Jun 04 2011

       //the adjusting of one would change the position of the other// Hold an auction; allow customers to bid against each other for the disputed territory. More profits for the restaurant. [+]   

       Alternatively: inflatable banquettes. Just pump them up (or deflate them) to your preferred size.
mouseposture, Jun 04 2011

       For restaurants on a budget: Remove the bolts attaching table to floor.
Mrlemonjelly, Jun 04 2011

       I like the auction idea. You could have a mechanical interlock, where you feed £1 coins into a slot on your table. As long as the receptacle on your side has more coins in it than the other table, the ratchet allows you to push backwards on your chair, shifting the intervening wall back with it. When you get up, a lever under your chair empties the receptacle into the restaurant's bank vault.   

       Alternatively, an electronic system would require you to insert your credit card. Then you could be billed in real time as you push.
pocmloc, Jun 04 2011


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