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A Venus Flytrap for every table.
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Dionaea's is, in most respects, a normal restaurant. It serves dishes from the American South, especially from North and South Carolina. However, Dionaea's has a spacious greenhouse in its back. There, medium sized-pots of Venus Flytraps are grown. Each pot contains a large colony of the carnivorous plants; anywhere from seven to twelve Flytraps may be found in one container. At any one time, some of the pots of plants will be digesting. The other ones, though, await their nourishment.

When a group of customers are sat at a table, the staff of Dionaea’s carefully brings out a pot of Venus Flytraps and lowers it into the pot-shaped depression on the table. As the customers munch on their fried chicken, they are stared in the face by a group of hungry plants. Finally, at the end of the meal, every eater has the option of offering a scrap of their food to a Venus Flytrap before their plates are bussed.

As it takes ten days for a Flytrap to digest, plants are rotated in and out of the greenhouse, and are allowed to digest their food at a leisurely rate. At any time, Dionaea’s should have enough hungry plants to stock each and every table.

DrWorm, Jan 05 2010

Live Salad Bar Live_20Salad_20Bar
Inspiration. [DrWorm, Jan 05 2010]


       Okay, but I think you're going to need a *lot* of these things. They digest pretty slowly...
phoenix, Jan 05 2010

       I'm pretty sure fried chicken is not good for venus fly traps. It will most likely clog their arteries.
swimswim, Jan 05 2010

       Delightful. [+]
8th of 7, Jan 05 2010

       It is possible to overfeed a flytrap, so you'd have to control it somehow.
MechE, Jan 05 2010


       Given that we're still living in the age of conspicuous consumption, surely there's no more poignant sign o' our times than a morbidly obese Venus flytrap waving its pudgy little leaves in the air and plaintively requesting a Fisher Price tower crane to help it get out of its pot in the morning?   

       Actually, starving polar bears are more poignant than that. Polar bears and global warming.
neuro, Jan 05 2010

       Should've called it Audry's.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2010

       why does this serve Southern cooking? I'd like to stand up and declare the middle and northern states have just as greasy, salt-laden. over sugared and proteinaceous foods as the south.
dentworth, Jan 05 2010

       I would prefer to feed a cute puppy, but that's just me. A humongous venus fly trap on the other hand....
ShaneSezWhat, Jan 05 2010

       [dentworth], Dionaea's serves Southern cooking because that's where Venus Flytraps come from. Also, I had a hankerin' for fried chicken when I was writing the idea.
DrWorm, Jan 06 2010

       You can get them to close by tickling the sense hairs with a fine bristle. If you allow the trap to close and keep tweaking until it's almost shut, you can then gently withdraw the bristle and the trap will then close completely.
8th of 7, Jan 06 2010


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