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Ice Sculpture Table

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When you arrive at the restaurant you notice a 1 foot per side cube of ice is placed on your table when cleared and set. The ice is placed on a grating and the table has several tools attached with wires. As you pick up one of these tools, you notice that it's about 2 feet long and the wire comes out of a handle. The other end of the tool is a small metal shape. Looking around, each of the tools have different shapes.

Curious, you touch the shaped end of the tool. It's hot to the touch, but not quite hot enough to burn you. Touching the end now to the block of ice, a hole quickly forms as it melts. Water runs down the grating to a concealed drain.

The head of the tools are made of a highly conductive material - copper or perhaps a vapor-deposited diamond coating. Underneath there is a temperature controlled heating element. This way heat is rapidly transferred to the ice without requiring high temperatures. As you finish sculpting a perfect rose, you wonder if your date will show for dinner.

Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005

Restaurant with DIY table sculpture Inspired by [JesusHChrist] (never thought I'd say that) and [DrCurry] [Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005]

Ice Table http://www.socalice...tables/icetable.htm
For [El D] [Worldgineer, Jan 31 2005]


       <ob>Cool [+]
skinflaps, Jan 27 2005

       I thought about this a bit more and have a few modifications.   

       There should be a small shield a few inches from the tool head to keep water from running down the arm of the tool and the arm of the guest.   

       There should be a vacuum tool to remove water from horizontally concave areas, like the inside of the rose. Or just a ladel to avoid any slurping noises.
Worldgineer, Jan 27 2005

       Or, intentional horizontally concave areas, long straws and chilled drinks.
half, Jan 27 2005

       [+] Then take the sculptures off the table when people leave and line them up in the front window. They'll all be gone in time for a new round the next day.
Etymon, Jan 27 2005

       Niiiice (+)
hazel, Jan 27 2005

       I like that [Ety]. Maybe have a refrigerated case for the very best ones.   

       [half] Intersting. Carve your own martini glass. Your third or fourth become less elegant.
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2005

       You could always carve a table made of ice, on your ice table. (see link for example)
Worldgineer, Jan 31 2005

       If I pay extra can I get a big chunk of dry ice at my table please? I want to carve an ice henge, and, well it needs fog.   


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