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Adjustable Polarized Glasses

Enhanced viewing of LCD screens in bright ambient lighting.
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I'll assume readers can google or wikipedia (can I use that as a verb?) the workings of polarizing filters on LCD screens and glasses.

-Coolness- Wearing polarized glasses effectively doubles the brightness and contrast of a laptop screen compared to ambient light and screen glare. Even in office conditions it can make viewing the screen more comfortable. Outdoors it can make a washed out screen usable.

-Shitsme- For this to work the screen and the glasses must have aligned polarization. Polarized glasses are mostly aligned to transmit vertically polarized light but hardly any LCD screens I have used have the same alignment.

-Product- Glasses with round polarized lenses that can be rotated through at least 180 degrees. To operate them manually turn both lenses until the screen you are using looks best.

-Variations- Hi tech: Add a powered LCD element to each lens. You change the alignment by adjusting a dial/slider thingy. Throw in memory of your favorite settings or even a sensor that determines the necessary alignment based on what you are looking at. Now the glasses are heavier and require a battery but you won't get laughed at by technocrats for "going low tech". Driver assist: Add a tactile detent to the rotation mechanism that marks vertical alignment which is ideal for general glare reduction duty. Goggles: Trade away any chance of looking cool for another boost to glare reduction and viewing comfort.

This idea has been touched on in the comments of at least one other halfbakery entry but I think it deserves its own page. See "correctly polarized LCDs". I promise I was thinking of this before I saw those comments. In fact I joined halfbakery so I could post this.

matman, Nov 11 2006

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[jurist, Nov 11 2006]

correctly polarized LCDs correctly_20polarized_20LCDs
[matman, Nov 12 2006]


       [matman] : "Polarized glasses are mostly aligned to transmit vertically polarized light"   

       I thought it was the other way around, polarised glasses block vertically polarised light, transmitting horizontal light. because vertically polarised light *is* the glare.   

       'could be wrong, or perhaps just pedantic here folks, I'm sure you'll feel free to correct me.   

       otherwise, cool idea with the rotatable lenses. Good luck getting anyone in this fashion-conscious society to wear 'em, but.
Custardguts, Nov 12 2006

       Just thought of this earlier today...today being several months later than this post...and decided to search it. Having found it, I still think it's a good idea, so bun.
jellydoughnut, May 14 2007

       With geek chic, these would be viewed positively.
normzone, May 14 2007


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