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HUD glasses
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What about a commercially available organizer (Imagine a PDA... appointments, clock, addresses, etc) integrated as an HUD (heads up display) on to your glasses?
pox, Apr 04 2001

huds for glasses http://www.halfbake...uds_20for_20glasses
Another half-baked approach to the same problem. [Aristotle, Apr 04 2001]

Very close to being baked. http://www.microopt...Products/index.html
From their FAQ: The ClipOn Display Developers Kit is available now, in small quantities, to qualified system integrators and manufacturers. [Aristotle, Apr 04 2001]


       Hasn't this been conceptually baked in that commercial?   

       The one with the guy trading stocks and scaring all the pigeons away?
Wes, Apr 04 2001

       There are professors and researchers that have been doing this for sometime. The kit exists but it is expensive and generally in the hands of lead users.
Aristotle, Apr 04 2001

       Pencils are made from graphite, not lead.
hippo, Apr 04 2001

       Rods Tiger: To dispel any confusion lead users are people who use products in innovative ways that are ahead of current market uses. Nothing to do with either the element lead or graphite pencils (as hippo kindly noted).
Aristotle, Apr 04 2001


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