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Google Glass Subtitles

App for Google Glasses that projects subtitles into the viewer's visual field while he is watching a foreign film
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This is an app designed for European theatres that will allow the stupides Americains tourists to enjoy European movies (or, "Films," as they are called over there) without degrading the experience for the natives.

Instead of projecting subtitles on to the screen, the Google Glass client app connects, via Wi-Fi, with the server app hosted by the projectionist to retrieve streaming subtitle text as the movie plays.

Cuit_au_Four, Jan 15 2015

captioning glasses for movies http://www.npr.org/...o-out-to-the-movies
[JesusHChrist, Jan 15 2015]

Google to end current Google Glass experiment. http://www.bbc.co.u...technology-30831128
Game over, man! Game over! For the moment at least. [DrBob, Jan 16 2015]


       It would be interesting to see how subtitle syncing could occur without dedicated hardware on the video player.   

       I imagine such system would be like shazam, where it would listen, but instead of identifying the music, it identifies the timestamp of the movie.   


       This also provides a bit of privacy concerns, in the sense that a listening device that is able to tap into a big enough media database, could use that to identify the location of the target. (e.g. timestamping, and geolocation via sound).   

       E.g. Inserting audio environmental sensors around a city, you could use it to store a database of environmental sounds surrounding a location. From there you can identify an unknown video by it's environmental sounds.   

       /end mind trailing....
mofosyne, Jan 15 2015

       [mofosyne]; I'm sure I've seen that done in a movie (or TV show, or something). I suspect, if your database was comprehensive enough, it would work remarkably well. Everywhere (well, cities at least) have unique sounds, such as a factory whistle, trainyard, quarry, zoo, or something.   

       [bigsleep]; bonus points for the "Contact" reference! (Vaguely related: my cell-phone text message ringtone is young Ellie saying "Is there anybody out there?")
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 15 2015


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