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Adjustable paper books

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Obviously I'm getting old and boring as I find the kill rate in modern sf a bit tedious. Thinking back to other fiction like Sherlock Holmes where an entire story could be told without loss of life, lazy authors substitute deaths for intelligent plots.

Annoying enough, paper books can't run JScript, so a little dial goes on the front of the book, to set the kill rate, then via a set of thin cords, parts of the pages concertina up or down, to give the required kill rate.

Could also be used to cut out the slushy bits for non-romantic readers and stuff like that.

not_morrison_rm, Jan 23 2016

Only vaguely related... _27TIS_20A_20read
[normzone, Jan 23 2016]


       If the kill rate is your primary gauge for quality, take a phone book and cross out as many names as your target kill rate requires. Then enjoy the plot with all the Millers and Smiths.
Toto Anders, Jan 23 2016


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