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Views Graph In Books Like They Have On Youtube

Flip the book and in the upper right hand corner a graph shows how many readers have said "This section is good."
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So you take the book off the shelf, looks interesting, flip through it and look at the bar meter in the upper right hand corner as it goes up and down. At high points, you stop and browse those pages because that meter shows that area was voted as most interesting by the readers.

The input would be from people reading the online version of the books and moving the slider at the bottom when they read a part they really like.

For instance, the Star Wars novel would have a massive bump where Darth Vader said he adopted Luke Skywalker or whatever.

Conversely you'd just skip the low meter sections. If after glossing over the high sections you're sold or not, you can make your decision to buy or not, and if there's no high sections, or low sections for that matter, well, that's indicative as well.

doctorremulac3, Jan 03 2024

Almost perfect application of this idea https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/quote-2
[a1, Jan 04 2024]


       Baked, but not a physical book. Kindle has stats you will never use about stuff you are reading.   

       YT has a running “interest” graph over the time-scrubber.   

       You need a new kind of physical “smart” book for this and the personal message ideas.
minoradjustments, Jan 03 2024

       As [minoradjustments] says, this is already a thing on e-readers, Kindle and other reader types. Not sure how you would enable it on a physcial/paper book without embedding all the same electronics as an eBook.
a1, Jan 03 2024

       I'll take out the digital thing and leave the physical book version.   

       It would be printed during the rest of the printing process
doctorremulac3, Jan 03 2024

       You could make the binding slightly brittle, so that the book naturally falls open at the lurid scenes
pocmloc, Jan 03 2024

       // It would be printed during the rest of the printing process //   

       [+] This would make first editions (WITHOUT reviewers' imprints) seem more "pure" and perhaps more valuable for collectors.   

       "See, I had the sense to buy this book before anyone else knew how good it was!"
a1, Jan 03 2024


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