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“Brainstorm” or “Green needle” Phenomenon Based Very Short Story

Audio Of Short Story You Read Along With That Changes Depending On Which Version You're Reading.
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Based on the psychological effect known as "priming" you hear a distorted unclear word and depending on what you're reading, your perception of that word changes, Laurel / Yanny style. If you're not familiar with this click on the first link before reading further.

The idea is to come up with enough of these words to put together a short story or description of a scene either by hand or with a computer program. Then to read various interpretations of it and hear multiple short stories from one repeating sentence, paragraph, page or book.

I'll do as short sentence using some famous ones:

"Laurel brainstorm was a green needle."

"Yanny Greenneedle was a brainstorm."

So the audio you're reading the two different transcripts of is the same, repeating over and over, but you can change the actual story, (not just the words) depending on what you're reading due to your brain being "primed" by the particular visual sentence.

Words that made more sense would have to be lined up, but the above clumsy attempt basically says:

"Laurel had a brainstorm, he invented the green needle."

"Yanni Greenneedle (His last name) was just generally incredibly smart."

So yea, those are clunky as hell but that's the idea. A series of these words created and strung together such that they create actual sentences, not just words, that change as you read differently worded transcripts.

To take it a step further, it could be an actual short story with 4 or 5 scripts you could meander back and forth through.

doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2022

The basic idea. https://www.youtube...watch?v=YvnOtS4V-Pg
[doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2022]

Nine possible interpretations for this one. https://www.youtube...watch?v=8FXQ38-ZQK0
[doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2022]

There's enough of these to put together a story. https://www.youtube...watch?v=09KXeL5CzOU
[doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2022]

Boomhauer baked it https://www.youtube...watch?v=rxzMlNpDQxc
[Sgt Teacup, Mar 16 2022]

I'm sure some of the things these dogs "say" could be used. https://www.youtube...watch?v=iA0HY2dQWFU
[doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022]


       Ooh this is an interesting one.
RayfordSteele, Mar 16 2022

       Thank you Ray.   

       These are pretty populer on Youtube and TicToc. I don't have time to do it but somebody should. They might get a few million hits, make twenty bucks or so. I'd play it.
doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2022

       Hey, Sarge, that gives me an idea. It could be animated as well, just have the lips moving as vaguely as the words. Have a split screen with two different things going on. Top screen matches the top screen subtitles, bottom screen bottom subtitles.   

       No wait, the two screens would clearly mouth the words for that panel to add to the priming deal. It would actually enhance the effect.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022

       I will allow this. (+)   

       Hey, channeling 8th! We’ll done sir.   

       Although he would have said “We will allow this.”
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022

       Naw. I only do that shit once... and then I let them go. I channelled them once for your aerated litter box idea... and I just, I won't do two shows a night, I just won't do it...   

       : ]   

       I mean really. Would you want to be kept hanging around for any old time I felt like trying you on like a suit?   

       I wouldn't.   

       The thing is I think it only works if you are already thinking of the target word. I don't know if these noises can be parsed by the brain in real time to make it generate coherent sentences. I think it would be more like listening to speech in a language you are vaguely familiar with - if you have a script you can follow the words but without the script it just turns into meaningless noises.
pocmloc, Mar 17 2022

       Maybe it could be a mystery where a key piece of evidence is a picture of a dress that is of uncertain color...
RayfordSteele, Mar 17 2022

       I think that's a great idea. Take this phenomena and make some kind of mystery, game or puzzle out of it.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022

       //I mean really. Would you want to be kept hanging around for any old time I felt like trying you on like a suit?//   

       I hear you. (majestic music starts) So I will bear that mantle. I vow to do my best to summon 8th. Wherever there is sentiment, political correctness or love of cats, I doctorremulac3 will let 8th be my guide, to scorn and mock silliness, sentimentality or over reliance on cats for social interaction.. (music stops)   

       wait, I like cats. Hmm. Let me think about this.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022

       // if you have a script you can follow the words but without the script it just turns into meaningless noises//   

       That's the point, it is just meaningless sounds without the various transcripts, but you can have one string of meaningless sounds that your brain translates into various words by the various written transcripts or subtitles if you've got an animation of different scenes which could be kind of cool.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022

       One wonders if you could overlay "blue" and "gold" verbally, and then have the identity of the suspect hinge on their color of dress.   

       Maybe overlay gold in a high frequency on top of blue in a lower frequency and you could have a story that changes depending on how old you are when you read it.
RayfordSteele, Mar 17 2022

       + cool and weird
xandram, Mar 17 2022

       I wonder if you could use a "primer" (short film or story or something, done "straight") to put the viewer in a particular frame of mind, so they subconsciously follow a particular path. Viewing with a (very) different "primer" completely changes the main story, without it actually changing.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 17 2022

       Could probably do something with the "talking" dogs in the video. (link)
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2022


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