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million random sentence book

electronic equivalent of million moneys with typewriter.
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Million random sentence generators processed by a AI logic consistence checker try to produce a readable book.
bing, Apr 24 2002

100 Monkeys http://www.100monkeys.org/
" Inspired by the SETI@home project (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), the idea behind 100 Monkeys is to harness the unused processing power of personal computers around the world... Eventually, we hope to muster up a Shakespearean sonnet." [phoenix, Apr 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Why bother when you can just read this? http://www.culturea...dinamite/index.html
(excerpt): "complexion other ginger buildings in a die denmark, which for tighten reasons it dutchman be select refrain from mentioning, and which I dutchman presume no nonsense command, aguish one anciently worship most towns, confine or vapour: be advised, a workhouse; and in this workhouse was born; on a viper and half-dead which I lothringen not climatic myself drug, inasmuch as it can be of no chile scolded the distorsions, in this colonized of the water-melon at all events; the advent of mortality whose command hand prefixed the exotic of this waste." [snarfyguy, Oct 04 2004]

10 zen monkeys http://www.10zenmonkeys.com/
equals 100 regular monkeys [jaksplat, Apr 30 2008]


       This is slightly baked - somewhere out there in the WWW there is an infinite monkeys project which generates random characters and scrolls the results across a web page. You are supposed to email the project if you see anything of the type "To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune..."

Unfortunately, I currently cannot remember the URL. Anyone?
mcscotland, Apr 24 2002

       i would buy this book. in fact, i would publish a few copies of this book. who can hook me up with random sentences? i like monkeys.
changokun, Apr 25 2002

       I guess the problem is the rather low signal to noise ratio. Even if you only include grammatical sentences, you'll have a huge variety which are nonsensical ("Colorless green ideas sleep furiously"), false ("The sun is blue"), or deeply dull ("Adam walked"); and many real-world books contain ungrammatical sentences. Plus, the sentences would have to be connected, not be contradictory (presumably the job of bing's "consistence checker"), and have some kind of merit in terms of telling an interesting story or communicating facts in an original way, bearing in mind that most works of literature contain many sentences that break each of these rules.   

       Huge challenges, especially as most human beings seem incapable of producing readable writing.
pottedstu, Apr 25 2002

       pottedstu, that would be 'legible' writing.
DrBob, Apr 25 2002

       I've read this book many times, so it seemed.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002

       There are lots of these in the Library of Babel. In fact, 1 916 000 to the power of 1 916 000 if you're asking. All the knowledge in the world ever to plough through. Right now, I'm up to number 8.
notripe, Apr 25 2002

       A long time ago I heard of a program called Racter, which wrote a book called something like "The Policeman's Hat is Half-Constructed," and the book was apparently published.
landruc, Dec 17 2002

       You do realize that if you were to make this happen, you'd have the Monkey Writer's Guild breathing down your neck before you could say "Lancelot Link."
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 17 2002

       [Landruc] title was "Policeman's Beard..." not hat, and it has been asserted that RACTER lacked the capability to produce said book. Something about the software using templates and not having the proper "syntex directive" codeing. Google RACTER for more info
jackhandy, Apr 19 2003

       A million moneys?
thumbwax, Apr 20 2003

       Binary Counter with millions of bits + spell checker = the writer of all books.   

       It Will run on a typical PC ... for a very long time.   

       Unlike monkeys, all output will be readable. But not all will make sense.   

       Notice non-randomness.
mr2560, Dec 22 2003

       Actually, have you noticed some of the texts attached to spam lately? Here's an example randomly pulled from my Inbox:   

       "Five notice earth slow do. Reason leave change, view map will include. Him hold verb object, ask plain. Went, had rose point began ten. Some very, two, doctor. Game soon last usual. Heard, city number need, small certain. Father him mountain reach food smile. Some children stood. Side nine come, they old water if. "   

       I think you could make a book out of paras like these... their meaning seems just out of reach...
smendler, Jun 14 2005

       Slightly baked. See "Finnegan's Wake".
crater, Jun 14 2005

       sp. "Finnegans wake"
I don't know about "To be or not to be", I'd be worried if they type "In the beginning was the Word..."
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 14 2005

       "...and the word was "aardvark" "
coprocephalous, Jun 14 2005

       ///I don't know about "To be or not to be", I'd be worried if they type "In the beginning was the Word..."///   

       I would have to suspect tampering (of a non-divine nature).
Soterios, Jun 14 2005

       Yeah, "Finnegans Wake" qualifies ... or anything by Faulkner.
bristolz, Jun 14 2005

       Ha-ha. Thanks[AWL]. This just shows that I don't even get the meaning of the title!
crater, Jun 14 2005

       [El Dorado], you might be onto something there. How about a range of cool, hip, space-adventure chapters which all revolve loosely around a set of about eight key players?   

       When the e-book re-randomises, it makes a new sequence of adventures from a store of thousands written by fans on the web.   

       Just like writing a sit-com episode, you must return the characters to their 'zero-state' at the end of the chapter.   

       Yeah, cool!
not_only_but_also, Jun 15 2005

       Wasn't 'The Policeman's Hat is Half Constructed" a Philip K. Dick novel?
mecotterill, Feb 09 2008

       The tuna hath blue explode on tuesday why peanuts can fly on sided monkeys with cheese. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
whizzentag, Apr 29 2008

       //Wasn't 'The Policeman's Hat is Half Constructed" a Philip K. Dick novel?//   

       "Flow my tears, the Policeman said."   

       I didn't like it as much as some of his others books.
Zimmy, Apr 30 2008

       I just finished reading Confessions of a Crap Artist by PKD. It's about a collector of crackpot ideas...
jaksplat, Apr 30 2008


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