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Adored Home

The comings and goings of Mr. O’Door in his many doored house.
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Better Homes and Gates – So I see that all four walls of your house are covered with doors. How many are there?
O’Door – Well I have 13 on each side. That makes a new door each week. And I’m not counting doors to the attic, roof and a multitude of trap doors. One could say that I’ve slam-dunked the door department. You’ll find tall French doors, split Dutch doors and even a Great Dane dog door.
B – I like the wood paneling effect they make on the inside and the row of brass door knobs and handles. I notice the robust door posts give structural soundness. Oh, what’s that smell, O’Door?
O – Uh, must be the dog. Wait I’ll just open all the doors on two opposite sides and ventilate the whole house, easy as a breeze. Great in hot weather.
B – But doesn’t it get drafty in the winter?
O – Nix, It all hinges on proper insulation. The windows for example are all triple glazed.
B – Ah yes, the windowed doors and the glass sliding doors. So it must feel liberating to be able to enter or exit at any point?
O – Usually, except for those days when I sit fiddling with my big ring of keys, unable to decide. Here, let me show you my entrance door for unwelcome relatives and peddlers.
B – Hmm, seems to be a solid wood, two piece revolving door.
O – Right, the unwanted guest stands outside in front of one door, and I stand inside in front of the other. As the guy pushes that door and walks in, I walk out on the other side. I wait out there until the sucker gets tired of standing in a closed hallway and pushes the door out as I step in and leave the hallway by a secret door.
B – A secret door, so there’s not always a door there.
O – No, not when it’s ajar.
FarmerJohn, Jul 01 2004

The house of doors (Resource #13) http://www.montara....urces/Chapter4.html
Sadly can't find a picture, and this is the best description I could find. Small house built entirely of doors. [Worldgineer, Nov 05 2004]

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       You know that thing when you leave both the back door and the front door wide open at the same time, and one of them slams shut really loud? That + This = Ouch...   

       + for // Oh, what’s that smell, O’Door? //
spiritualized, Jul 01 2004

       Going in through the out door has never been easier.   

       [contracts] it'll only encourage more of us to show up hehe
eauto, Jul 01 2004

       It might take you a long time to draw this one!
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 01 2004

       [-] Sarah Winchester, the widow to the Winchester rifle designer, had a house designed with hundreds of false doors, doors to different rooms, doors to different stories, even doors that lead straight off the side of the house, 20 feet up. So, taking that all into consideration, it's technically baked. Plus, there's just no point. Nice try though.
Pocketassreturn, Jul 01 2004

       I doubt he was trying very hard. Where's your link there big guy.   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal] I don't do links...it wouldn't hurt to click on your browser and search for 'Sarah Winchester'. Anyway, why would I lie to people that are sitting here with the world at their fingertips? Only an idiot does that.
Pocketassreturn, Jul 02 2004

       PAR - in this house we substantiate our claims with evidence. You also infer anyone who puts in a link must be an idiot. You really have a problem getting on with the rest of the human race don't you?   

       FarmerJohn - I must admit, I can't see any floors in this one.
goff, Jul 02 2004

       Then I guess it's all hunky doory then?
spiritualized, Jul 02 2004


       //You also infer anyone who puts in a link must be an idiot.//   

       No...I didn't say that. I said: "why would I lie to people that are sitting here with the world at their fingertips? Only an idiot does that." I was referring to the 'lying' part.   

       //You really have a problem getting on with the rest of the human race don't you?//   

       No...just idiots.
Pocketassreturn, Jul 02 2004


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