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Go ahead, make some money.
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You deserve it.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 15 2006


zen_tom, Sep 15 2006

DrBob, Sep 15 2006

       What [zen] said.
Shz, Sep 15 2006

       what did [zen] say?
lurch, Sep 15 2006

       Since we might well lash the man you gambled with over half a croissant, go sabotage our history, well too true. But the ads man! Send me an estimate (I own many products) and I will get back to you as soon as possible!   

       (right, [Zen_tom] ?)
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 15 2006

       I can't say, it was a personal (ad).   

       But I do like the "I own many products" interpretation greatly.
zen_tom, Sep 15 2006

       It does make me wonder as to what kind of ads.   

skinflaps, Sep 15 2006

       Ads by someone exceeeedingly brave. Or foolhardy.
lurch, Sep 15 2006

       How about instead of ads, we have subtracts?
DesertFox, Sep 15 2006

       Ok, why not? Buy anything made from wood, just email me.
zeno, Sep 16 2006

       //the "I own many products" interpretation//   

       Hehe. "It's on my profile".
Shz, Sep 16 2006

       I get the SWM [Single White Male] WLTM [Would Like To Meet] YGWOHAC [Young Girl WithOut Husband And Children], GSOH [Good Sense Of Humor], WTT [Willing To Travel]....SMAE [Send Me An Email] (IOMP) [It's On My Profile (courtesy of Shz)] AIWGBTYASAP [And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible (courtesy of GutPunch)] parts. But I'm still hung up on why [zen_tom] is so emphatically insistent on the BTAM! [Back To Africa Movement!]
jurist, Sep 16 2006

       Big Tits A Must?
spidermother, Sep 17 2006

       [spidermother] uncanny! (boysparks has a point too, mind) I'd also prefer Own Home and Car, but no Husband or Children is fine too. Anyway, what was this idea about again? I've not made a single penny so far.
zen_tom, Sep 18 2006

       //I hate ads//   

       The Archaeology Data Service?
skinflaps, Sep 19 2006


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