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Adult Competitive Duck Duck Goose

Adults train specifically for, and play competitively in the childrens game Duck Duck Goose
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Networks have been picking up childhood favorites like Dodgeball. Why not the fan favorite Duck Duck Goose?

I'm thinking grown men racing around a circle furiously chasing each other, it would make for a great spectator sport.

Blumster, Jan 04 2005

Duck Duck Goose for the Ignorant http://www.gameskid..._games/dk_dk_gs.htm
This is a link for those of you not familiar with the game itself. [Blumster, Jan 04 2005]

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       <<<tackles and wrestles with Blumster>>> You're it! You have to sit in the mushpot! We're Number One!!!   

       Duck Duck Goose has always been one of my favorite games. [+]
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       It may be cultural, but I am not familiar with Duck Duck Goose - could you provide a link for the similarly ignorant?
DrCurry, Jan 04 2005

       Can they play it on ice? That way all of the unemployed hockey players could get some action.
Zimmy, Jan 04 2005

       Sorry, but the game is called Duck Duck GREY DUCK. There are no geese in the game. No bun for the wrong title.
Aq_Bi, Jan 04 2005

       Grown men playing this game sounds gay. Is there no other point other than to furiously chase each other?
xrayTed, Jan 04 2005

       Oh, you mean Stuffed Dummy. No poultry involved at all.
prufrax, Jan 04 2005

       think as a x-proDDG teacher plays with there 1st graders but then smashies them to the ground to win   

       and i feel sorry for the refferys they never get to be the gooses   

       and think special ed Duck Duck Goose
redwheel, Jan 04 2005

       No need for shrooms or the like, [ED Jr], you just have to be in touch with your inner child. But some of us have never really grown up. :)
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       Only retarded minnesotans call this game duck, duck, grey duck. I mean, holy shit, what a stupid name.   

       Hallucigens possible. Ice is probable. Great idea.
Blumster, Jan 04 2005

       Hey, if you call us retarded for voting pro wreslers into office, living where the temperature rarely gets above freezing in the winter, or talking in our unaccented way, we couldn't care less.   

       But if you insult our Grey Ducks, we will fight to the last man.
Aq_Bi, Jan 04 2005

       How 'bout we settle this over some Grey Goose martinis?
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       See also Adult Competitive
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Bounce Up
Smoking Woodbines
40 a side football
Cycling Proficiency
Idea Bandwagoning
calum, Jan 04 2005

       Funny everyone connecting hallucinogens and childhood - perhaps we had better imaginations back then and came closer to seeing ducks and geese in the game? In that case, I propose amphetamines as well - children are much faster and more excitable than adults.
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2005

       working in a school for under 12's - I think my kids would find this boring...   

       sp: competitive
po, Jan 04 2005

       [ED Jr], I haven't the foggiest idea what the inner child is, but I don't usually have the chance to use that phrase, so I took advantage of the situation and put it in there.
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       BTW, I have a duck duck goose question. Are you allowed to say "Goose" without first saying "duck" at least 2 times?   

       Because I think that if you called the very first person Goose, s/he'd be so surprised that you'd be halfway around the circle before they even got up.
phundug, Jan 05 2005

       I think that's part of the challange, but then there are the jerks who keep going around the circle for hours without ever saying "grey duck".
Aq_Bi, Jan 06 2005


       (starts running)
Worldgineer, Jan 06 2005

       (flags down a grey duck and takes off after [Worldgineer])   

       Grey Duck!
Aq_Bi, Jan 06 2005

       (steals gray duck's place)
Worldgineer, Jan 06 2005

       It was just a decoy.   

       When I was a kid we'd sometimes, for fun, use the words "peanut butter" and "jelly".   

       I understand nobody but Americans like peanut butter (and consequently won't get what PB and J have to do with each other) so this will probably be like what Americans call soccer--it'll be a game just like DDG/DDGD, but we'll also have a game called DDG/DDGD that is, in fact, Kick the Can.
5th Earth, Jan 06 2005

       Being a resident of minnesota, I can agree you are retarded on all of those counts. The grey duck thing is also retarded, however. Aesthetically 'Goose' sounds far better than the duosyllabic 'Grey Duck.' Boo.
Blumster, Jan 06 2005

       "gray duck" is a little addition to the rules, where the "goose" can tag a "gray duck" to help catch the person who is "it".
Worldgineer, Jan 07 2005

       <begin off topic> I went to Carorita, Trujillo, Venezuela in Feb of '04. We tried to teach it as duck, duck, goose and got no where (no cultural tie). We decided to try the game as gato, gato, perro. They loved it (and we had a lot of fun, too)!<end off topic>
Ichthus, Jan 07 2005


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