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Grind bugs, pour paint on them
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Simply put, this is an 'Xtreme!' version of the classic game of slugbug. Each player is armed with a single-shot paintball gun, with a bag of assorted color paintballs hanging from their belts. You stalk slugbugs on foot (or, for more extremity, on bicycle) through the busy part of town, each of you taking a different side of the street. When you see the distinctive shape of a Volkswagen Beetle, you quickly load your gun with a matching color paintball and take aim at your opponent across the street. You successfully 'slug' your opponent when you score a hit on him. Dodging and ducking behind obstacles is, of course, totally permitted. Crossing to his/her side of the street is not. If you hit him with the wrong color, you have to stand still while he shoots you five times.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2012


       Meanwhile, the Beetle owner wonders why he's constantly driving in a warzone. +
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2012

       Imagine team play, using radios.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2012

       On the first read through I thought that the bug was your target. (+)   


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