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Night Time Candle Tag

An evening version of tag.
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On a calm night, in a cemetary, play tag while holding a candle that must not go out. additional rules can vary. hot wax an issue.
Protector of Mankind, Jan 11 2002

Beetle Drive http://www.stotfold.../supporters/beetle/
Seems the Scouts do it, too. And they serve refreshments. [calum, Jan 14 2002]

Cooties the Hasbro game. http://shop.store.y...eonline/cootie.html
Ok, so a less fancy version of this... [StarChaser, Jan 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Note the "calm night" part.
bristolz, Jan 11 2002

       This is great. And if you were all dressed in black sheets, it would scare the hell out of the old ladies coming back, merry on sherry, from a WRI beetle drive.
calum, Jan 11 2002

       I'm an issue
thumbwax, Jan 12 2002

       Sounds like fun. Would using a mini-mag that converts into a candle be cheating? Hurricane lamp or lantern? It doesn't say that we have to keep the candle uncontained. Can the candle be considered to "go out" if it's not lit in the first place?
nick_n_uit, Jan 12 2002

       What's a 'WRI beetle drive'?
StarChaser, Jan 12 2002

       I think he means WI (women's institute) beetle drive used to be an evenings entertainment ? like a whist drive? various groups of people play a game and then all move to different table, new game, new people - god I wish I hadn't started this....
po, Jan 12 2002

       Have you ever tried to keep a candle lit in a cemetary at night? Right bloody pain in the arse, it is. Do they make special candles for necromancy, d'ya think?
Guy Fox, Jan 12 2002

       Oh, and...   

       Heeheehee, you can't catch me!
Guy Fox, Jan 12 2002

       [Guy Fox], yes, they do make special candles for necromancy. You can get them at the local supermarket for $5.95. Raise the dead with pride.
Salty Ham, Jan 12 2002

       Again, my parochialism shines through.

The WRI is the Women's Rural Institute. It is the same as the WI, except that it is rural. For some reason, I connect graveyeards with rural areas.

A beetle drive is like a whist drive, but with beetles. It's a sort of fund raising activity, the sort of fund raising activity performed by the aging spinsters who make up the WRI.
calum, Jan 12 2002

       splitting hairs, young man. now explain beetle drive to an American!
po, Jan 12 2002

       I had a '67 hardtop beetle and a '71 super beetle convertible. Sold them both and gave proceeds to my favo(u)rite charity - Me.
thumbwax, Jan 12 2002

       I had a 73 standard and a 74 super beetle. Super beetles suck.
StarChaser, Jan 13 2002

       Re [calum]'s link: That Beetle Drive sounds like a really exciting event.
angel, Jan 14 2002

       What exactly were you kissing and catching in graveyards, [blissmiss]?
-alx, Jan 14 2002

       bliss, I dunno. I think it would be better played in the nude. There's the increaseed element of danger with more skin exposed for potential hot wax incidents. Plus, naked bodies always look good by candlelight.   

       I'd forego the cemetery though.
waugsqueke, Jan 14 2002

       do you mind awfully if we defer these nude drunken romps in the churchyard until the summer? put me down for bringing the fruit trifle.
po, Jan 14 2002

       <A link appears re 'beetle drive'>   

       Ah. A simple version of the old Hasbro game 'Cooties'. <A plastic bug. You rolled dice and tried to get certain numbers to let you put parts on your bug.>   

       Why 'drive', though?
StarChaser, Jan 14 2002

       4 a : a strong systematic group effort <a fund-raising drive.   

       c/o websters online dictionary
po, Jan 15 2002

       don't trifle with me today , you 240lb gorilla you.
po, Jan 15 2002

       Nobody had ever mentioned it was any sort of fund raising thing. In the US, a 'beetle drive' would be 'bring us beetles'.
StarChaser, Jan 18 2002

       i'm confused about the issue we get to hot wax, but i really hope it's either campaign finance reform, or the last Sunday NY Times.
subgenius, Jul 06 2002


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