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A Multiplayer Variation of Tag
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One person is It. It gets a head start, then all the Others try to tag It. As with all of our (mine and my siblings') Tag variations, you must say 'tag' when you tag It for the tag to count. Last one to tag It is It in the next game.

Inversely, in -RockeTag (pronounced 'Minus-RockeTag' or 'Negative-RockeTag), one person is It. All the Others get a head start, then It tries to tag Them. It does not finish until It has tagged all the Others, but the first one tagged is It in the next game.

Many variations on these rules are possible, but these are what we agreed on.

Incidentally, the name came from watching 'Runaway' several years back. The villain had this gun with rocket-powered, steerable, explosive bullets that homed in on the heat-signature of the person it was programmed to kill. The game is much less violent.

galukalock, Mar 03 2003


       We used to play a game sort of like this, only with a football. It was called "Smear the Queer", but the person who was It was usually someone you hated, and once one person tackled them, everyone else just piled on. Okay, that's really not too much like RockeTag, but I mean, hey, it was a fun game, nonetheless...
djhotsauce, Mar 03 2003

       We certainly played versions of tag - Off-Ground Touch was one - with one than one chaser. As djhs notes, though, the only time it was everyone-on-one was when someone was due for a pounding.
DrCurry, Mar 03 2003

       Well, this is only a game. It hasn't escalated to violence with us.
galukalock, Mar 03 2003

       Then you're not doing it right.
snarfyguy, Mar 03 2003

       I second that emotion
thumbwax, Mar 03 2003

       I recall back in my college days during spring break on a beach in Mexico playing bottle rocket tag. It was a bit different though, and involved drunk people and aiming self-launching explosives at each other. Was fun until someone's hair caught on fire. Well, it was still fun but I wouldn't recommend it.
Worldgineer, Mar 03 2003

       <rocket> You're It. </rocket>
Cedar Park, Mar 03 2003

       [Snarfy] and ['wax], you play hockey, don't you?
galukalock, Mar 04 2003

       We had a version of this in college. You start with a small group of friends. More girls than boys. Almost everybody pairs up, has an awful relationship and moves on, the first loose person slips into another relationship and breaks them up. Keep reshuffling until you graduate and then some. The one left single past childbearing age is "it".
FloridaManatee, Mar 04 2003


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