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Adult Play Yard

Play area for adults
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Similar to the ones at McDonalds, when you feel you need an escape, [i seem to need to escape frequently] you pop into this play yard, they give you a freshly laundered t-shirt and shorts, and you spend the next 15 minutes or so, swinging, sliding, playing in the ball pit, jumping on the bouncy castle, or just sitting and sucking on your thumb. Then you go shower, put on your business suit, and get back to work, doing whatever you do to make you miserable
senatorjam, Sep 11 2002

(?) Remember These? http://theparkstore...ps&Category_Code=sa
Spring Animals [XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(??) THIS kinda carousel http://www.fla-play...nd.com/restoys.html
(scroll down to the big red picture) [XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Adult Play http://www.clothesfree.com/
for waugsqueke [XSarenkaX, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Business, meet fun; fun, business http://www.youtube....watch?v=ow7SBaQTjlo
The Blackberry Torch 'Rollercoaster' commercial. [Alx_xlA, Aug 29 2010]


       From my experience, most outdoor play areas are strong enough to carry adults. It's only the baby swing that I can't fit into (not through lack of trying), and it's not hard to sneak into a ball pit if you pretend you're with someone else's kid.   

       But I'd vote for the adult play area a McDonalds.   

       While I'm here I'd like to protest about the height restrictions on the Mcdonalds type play areas which only allow children into the area if they're shorter than a specified height....usually marked on a wall. My two children who were tall for their age were banned from entering, having to sit back and watch their friends of the same age play, as well as children who were obviously several years older, but not as vertically blessed as my children. There's something wrong with that picture.   

       //or just sitting and sucking on your thumb//   

       Not appropriate on this site.
Helium, Sep 11 2002

       Man, this Adult Play Yard is great. Croissant
thumbwax, Sep 11 2002

       Bliss...it's 8am here...I should be at work.
Helium, Sep 11 2002

       I still love the swings, and haven't been on a teeter-totter in decades. My favorite must be the carousel, though. I haven't seen those in a long time. Are they outlawed for danger or something?
XSarenkaX, Sep 11 2002

       Adults shouldn't be allowed to wear shorts in my opinion. Or at least some of the ones I know should be banned from doing so just down to their lack of taste.
kaz, Sep 11 2002

       I'm all for it, so long as I can make a minor improvement to the ball pit. Those things should be Nerf (soft foam, for the Nerf-impaired) balls, not the hard hollow plastic type you find in the average ball pit. Those damn things hurt.   

       The forgotten truth about being a kid: a lot of the things you end up doing, often for fun, actually hurt like hell. Anyone who ever visited the late, great Captain Kids' World at the Sea World amusement parks can tell you all about that.   

       "Climb that slick vinyl sun-heated blue mountain thing till you get to the top, kid! Now hit the kid at the top over the head with that rock I just gave you! Now you're on top, but watch your back! There's a fat kid with a billy club coming up on your left!"   

       "Here, Junior! You grab this metal ring, kick off from the hard metal edge here, and scoot out above this foot-deep shallow pool with the slick floor! Don't fall or you'll crack your head open on the side of the pool! Okay, once you get past the pool, run like hell through those giant heavy punching bags! If you get through that, get your stocking feet up on that giant fishnet of razor wire and start climbing! Quick now, you have only an hour of fun before we have to go watch the Up With People show!"
1percent, Sep 11 2002

       Ah, yes ... the pillows, the geese, the sheer relief of watching a screen other than the TV. I remember. I'm so grateful for the year that's passed since then, and all the nice things it's brought me ... including this job, which keeps me busy and housed and fed and all but unable to electronically correspond with my crazy friends in other places.   

       Enough with the reverie, already. You're on, sister. No putting rocks in the pillowcase this time; I'm on to you ...
1percent, Sep 11 2002

       The fancy carousels are fine, too, but I was thinking more of the plain little metal ones you find in the park or school yards. You grab onto one of the handles and spin, spin, SPIN yourself sick. :) (See link.)
XSarenkaX, Sep 12 2002

       Croissant as long as we can have these somewhere other than McDonalds (steenking capitaleest peegs, ptuui!). Can we have adult-sized monkey-bars, too? Can we, can we, huh, huh? Can we?
Guy Fox, Sep 12 2002

       "..and allow children to develop gross motor skills while having fun". A somewhat infelicitous phrase from XSarenkaX's link.
pfperry, Sep 13 2002

       Huh? Did somebody call me? Sorry, I've been stuck in the real world. Where's my pillowcase? And it was grain-filled, thank you very much blissmiss.   

       (strips case off pillow, tosses in five-pound bag of wheat hulls, takes huge swing, accidently bashes elf in head, Canuck now barely conscious)   

       Adult play yard. Isn't that an oxymoron?
Canuck, Sep 16 2002

       Adult play yard... Clothing optional?
waugsqueke, Sep 16 2002

       I'm with [waugs]. (link)
XSarenkaX, Sep 16 2002

       I'm back to make a correction about not being able to fit into a baby swing. Today I managed to fit my butt in there YAAAAAAY! Ok, so I couldn't get my legs all the way through the holes...I sat in it backwards and still managed to clip myself in.
Helium, Sep 22 2002

       What do you call the thingies where you climb up and then slide down? I loved those.   

       They'd definitely need to be adult-scale, for otherwise the fun kind of disappears and instead you just feel big and clumsy and nostalgic.   

       And a sandbox. I want a sandbox.
herilane, Dec 08 2002

       Sweet idea. My croissant is yours! :D
Corona688, Dec 08 2002

       Throw in a wet bar and your set, please no glass in the pit of balls. =o)
Chaos_5, Dec 09 2002

       I can't wait to jump the burger+
skinflaps, Aug 04 2004

       Baked a version of this at a party recently. Bounce about, slide, etc. It was a blast.
senatorjam, Mar 19 2005


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