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Adventure/Action FPS

Have no fear
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Can you imagine an adavanture/action 3D FPS where you are playing the gfame from a point of view of a mad man. This sounds like it's been seen before but here are details: As you escaped from a hospital(sanitorium) you're walking in to the night and killing all those little kids and raping every women you like. And you're are shaking at the same time. Your breathing is madly intensive and you can hear your heart wildly pumping as you're walking down the peaceful alley. You should be able to hear yourself talking all those crazy stuff you can hear from crazy people. Moaning, cursing, screaming,crying...al in the same time. It should have extremly fast graphics and realistic sounds of your crying and moaning so that everything is happening like in a head of the madman . Fast, unpreadiktable and totally crazy and wacked. The display shoud shake proportional with the speed and intensity of your movement. You could be able to see parts of your body(hands, legs which are sweating and getting more dirty ant hurt during the gameplay). I thing you've got the point. What do you think of it?
fakhard2000, May 06 2001


       Sounds like fun, but you forgot about hallucinations. Perhaps mission objectives, the equivalent thereof, or just random comments could be delivered via the voices in your head/rice crispies. and there are visual hallucinations to incorporate as well. I think our resident pedants are going to have a field day with this idea.
nick_n_uit, May 06 2001

       This idea needs a better name.
egnor, May 06 2001

       Isn't the FPS genre insane enough already?
bookworm, May 06 2001

       D'ya notice that as the description progresses the writing deteriorates? It's almost as if the writer was experiencing the trauma being described as he, or she, was writing it.
bristolz, May 07 2001

       That's not "trauma", that's "jerking off".
ping, May 07 2001

       Insane isn't fun, or funny. To make it palatable you must either romanticize it or turn it to comedy, I believe. I suppose that's part of the FPS genre, though--romanticizing gore which in the real world would would sicken any sane human being. Ah hell what do I know, I don't even play shooters.
Dog Ed, May 07 2001

       A word from author: PING> ...that's it...It is all about that dark side of libido...you've got it...well you detailed it too much...but you've got the idea...   

       Dog Ed> That's American way...If I'd like a game like that, I'd describe Duke Nukem. Insane can be extremely fun...i think   

       Bookworm> I agree...any ideas about a better name?
fakhard2000, May 07 2001

       another word from author:   

       I really like the idea of voices in head...perhaps some children crying it loud...   

       And how about this: You could scan photographs and create (audiable and visual) models from real life...like your own wife/husband, parents or other familiy members... ...and when you're really sick of thewm you can virtually see how their heart loks like in daylight or somethinf even worse (i can't really write it here)...you got it?
fakhard2000, May 07 2001

       Yeah, needs hallucinations. And drugs and booze. The hallucinations get worse the more wasted you get, but you score more points.
Duffi, May 07 2001

       Whole new genere - First Person Berserker. And the title? Rabid Rampage 2001.
wasraw, May 07 2001


       For start, a new slogan for the game: "Rules are GOOD, BRAKE them !!!"   

       PeterSealy> Actually, I am doctor :))   

       Duffi> Great stuff from you man. Instead of picking up health packages you pick up heroin shots, and thats just like a sedative...and when you take, it you start to laugh histericaly...   

       wasraw> Hmmmm...I don't think so...It has to be exclusive...you know high class title...so if anyone has any ideas, write it down please   

       UnaBubba> Send greetings to FBI...actually they could help here too...and for spelling mistakes...i admit...i'm still learning english...so please excuse my disknowledge   

       Mephista> That spinning stuff is not so bad...it could be used too.
fakhard2000, May 08 2001

       I thought you are free people with a lot of imagination. Obviously I was wrong.
fakhard2000, May 22 2001

       Except that it wasn't a FPS...
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Wish i was thif Klever.
skinflaps, Jan 19 2003

       Therapy, disguised as a shoot 'em up game. Might succeed where all else fails.
neelandan, May 19 2003

       Beyond therapy I suppose the next step in network games might be, er, a game where your role is either shooting people (as above) or wandering a giant GTA-type landscape attempting to "solve" or halt a FPS rampage that another player was instigating... Actually, that might be a pretty cool networked game if you were able to assign a to limit the number of shooters (or whatever) to one or two and have plenty of bots to be interviewed with information about how to find the FPSer. I guess the shooter would win if the simcity collapsed in panic (or everyone was shot) and the detective would win when he/she caught the gunner... I think something similar to what's described above may have been tried in the game "Amnesia" which had a script by John Berger, I think...
cloudface, Oct 07 2003


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