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Dog Ed

On vacation, rafting down the Deschutes River and camping in the puckerbrush, from July 14-July 19. Starting....NOW!

I'm back. Didn't run the gear boat (my special domain) onto any rocks or flip it in Whitehorse Rapids. Now! To the Ideas!

Home: Eugene, Oregon, USA
email: stestahl@epud.net
Gender: M
Children: 1
Spouse: Yes
Profession: Yes
IQ: Maybe, maybe not. Opinions are divided.
Date of Birth: November (it was raining)
Political party: Greenish, shading to black
Musical taste: Sweet-and-sour classical
Motto: Dumb Vivamus, Levitimus (either "While we live, let us act silly" or "We are living stupidly, beam us up")

[Apr 11 2001]

(+6, -2) Amazing Nose Oil Resources
(+1) Ambiguous Newscasts
(+17)(+17) Baker's Helper Website (in the oven)
(+3) Be tawken yu Sempano?
(+1, -2) Bolo Ponytail Fasteners
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) Bombing Range for Civilians
(+17)(+17) Bright Idea Hat
(+4, -1) Collaborative Composition Jukebox
(+5, -3) Colored Contrails
(+2) Controllably Flexible Fillet Knife
(+7, -1) Energy from Freeway Sound Barriers
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Enhanced Parallax Eyeglasses
(+1, -2) Extract of Musical Taste
(+3) Fast-Food Rubbish Launcher
(+5, -2) Future Fossils
(+2, -1) Global Biological Reclassification
(+10, -3) Grandma's Printer
(+2) HomeBakeable House Cooler (baked)
(+8)(+8) Imagination Vividification Retreat
(+4, -3) Koranic Psychowarfare
(+40, -2)(+40, -2)(+40, -2) Lake of Firesnakes Fun Pool
(+2, -3) Lamprey-Tissue Organ Enhancement
(+7, -1) Last-Minute Afterlife for Atheists
(+2, -1) Lethargic Power Generator
(+7) Musical Bridge I, II, III
(+4) Pauli Exclusion Celebrities
(+6) Photo- and Thermochromic Acrylic Paints
(+4) Positraction Shoes
(+8, -1) "Rainy Night in Georgia" Umbrella
 Smart Screw-Fasteners
(+5, -4) Spouse-Swapping for Mideast Peace
(+7, -2) Supersonic Penguins
(+2) The Fudgester
(+5) Treat Cancer With Parasites
(+5, -1) Two Beers Funny
(+4, -3) Zen Clapper Light

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