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Adventures in long-distance contactless payments

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While pondering if Karl Marx could actually have met Nikoli Tesla, I thought of something else.

Lo and behold, the world's first long distance contactless payment system.

It works via the internet, there is an example website, it's for a lotto. Right, the end user goes to the site, chooses 4 numbers and clicks on the coin of their country. They are then transferred to a page where they can hold a coin against the screen, in this case a 100 Yen coin.

The 100 Yen value is then stashed into a secure database and the end user gets the results of the numbers they have picked, and collect a prize by putting the same coin against contactless thing again.

I have made it clear that it has to be the same coin, or they'll end up with a 200 Yen value on a 100 Yen coin and 0 value on another coin, and then where will they be?

Imagine the embarrassment when they get to the front of a long queue in 7-11 and "the machine says no".

I have only finished the Japanese part of the site, and the pachinko music is a little hard on the ears, so remember to turn down the volume before visiting.

NB There is an altruistic side of this.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2018

Demonstration website http://four-face-ne...app.com/dc/home.htm
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2018, last modified May 17 2019]


       I demand a refund. I spent over £250 of [8th]'s pocket money and got nothing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2018

       I’m certain either this is either satire or something that I completely don’t understand.
RayfordSteele, Jun 09 2018

       Only £250 of [8th]'s...why not go for the thousand?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2018

       We'd only copied £250 when we had to take the replicator offline for planned maintenance. We'll do another batch soon.
8th of 7, Jun 10 2018


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