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make coins with four small clustered holes
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Make coins with four small clustered holes, so that when you loose a button, you just sew on a coin. Also means that you are never short of spare change.... just yank off a button/coin in an emergency.
xenzag, Feb 14 2010

chinese like-coins for crafts http://www.newleafp...se/house_extra.html
[xandram, Feb 15 2010]

Yap Island money http://en.wikipedia...Yap_Stone_Money.jpg
Like [xenzag] said, "a single large hole in the centre" :) [Vernon, Feb 15 2010]

Hooray for added functionality to coins! Penny_20protractors
Shameless self promotion [fridge duck, Feb 16 2010]


       Does anyone carry change for emergencies anymore? I can remember always having a quarter in case I had to make a phone call. I'm not sure that's useful any more.
phoenix, Feb 14 2010

       Wow, my mother would just love you and she would pinch your cheeks together, and tell you that, my little xennie. She used to safety pin my milk money to the bottom of my skirt, in a neat little fold up trick. With your idea she could have just sewed some to my blouse.   

       Come over here, my mother is too old and demented to show you how much she loves this...but I'm not. +
blissmiss, Feb 14 2010

       Logical extrapolation: Button/Coin/Battery. A CR2032 with currency stamps front and back and four holes in the centre.   

       [+] by the way.
8th of 7, Feb 14 2010

       With an alka-seltzer core in case you have indigestion, or perhaps a cyanide capsule if you get caught doing whatever you're doing.
DrWorm, Feb 14 2010

       I think Chinese coins are used as buttons, but I like it, so here's a bun. I'll look for a link.
xandram, Feb 15 2010

       I am aware of a number of coins with a single large hole in the centre. This can be used to carry them on a knotted cord, but none have the four holes needed to properly attach them as a button.
xenzag, Feb 15 2010

       To use a coin with a single large hole in the center as a button, one can simply attach it to one's garment with... a small button!   

       This small button would of course have the desired four holes in it, and furthermore would have a big enough circumference that the coin doesn't fall off of it.
goldbb, Feb 16 2010

       Ironically the typo makes just as much sense as the intended word...   

       First you loose it, then you lose it.
simonj, Feb 17 2010

       This idea is too cute. I love it when people find the time to think of such simple, yet beautiful alternatives to what is already out there... but I guess that's the same reason why we all keep coming back. Big fat [+] for this.
Pericles, Feb 17 2010


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