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Carbon Steel Penny

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A penny, made from ultra-hard carbon steel, to break those squash-a-penny machines. Mua-ha-ha-HA-HA-HAAA!!! (rubs hands together).
hippo, Oct 04 2007


       You do realise of course that if you put this on a railway track (to flatten it) it will lead to some sort of a monumental disaster.   

       Hmm . . . + from me.
Brett-Blob, Oct 04 2007

       <newsreader>25 people were injured today when terrrorists used a 'dollar bomb' at a grand central station. An express train passing the southbound platform sent shrapnel from the 100 strategically placed 'devices' sending crowds fleeing for cover amid rush hour chaos. Police are not sure which group is responsible but are convinced that the planning necessary for the plot could only have been achieved by an international network of highly sofisticated terrorists.</newsreader>
marklar, Oct 04 2007

       This, Hippo, is an idea which betrays great genius within. I can see the practical uses of this immediately.
vincevincevince, Oct 04 2007

       + hehe, you deranged genius.
xandram, Oct 04 2007

       [marklar] - you're likely right. And the newsreader would say that, although they would be more accurate to say // a sophisticated network of highly international terrorists.//
lurch, Oct 04 2007

       Well they would be more correct to spell it correctly I grant you (not that it would affect the pronounciation). But can you be "highly international", would slightly international terrorists just have a cousin that was Canadian?
marklar, Oct 07 2007

       wonderful. Too long have helpless pennys suffered at the hands of the novelty machines. Now is the time for the rise of the Super Penny! bum ba da daaa! [+]
bleh, Oct 07 2007

       ew rusty pennies?
dentworth, Oct 07 2007

       Well, since halfbakers come from the 2n+1 corners of the earth, and the isles of the sea, and can't figure out what continent our homeland should be on, I'd guess we could be called 'highly international'. As for being terrorists, I dunno. But you oughta see what [AfroAssault] could do with a thermite penny and some ultra-fine corn starch.
lurch, Oct 07 2007

       Highly baked. Steel pennies were minted in WWII.
ldischler, Oct 07 2007

       The pennies minted in 1943 weren't case hardened.
lurch, Oct 07 2007


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