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Advert candle

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It is a tradition in some cultures to light an Advent candle in the run-up to Christmas.

However, if you're willing to exchange the annual cost of a wax candle for a small one-off payment, and put up with a bit of advertising in return, try the new BorgCo Advert Candle.

It looks like a typical wax candle on an ornate base; but that base conceals a butane gas reservoir, and some electronics.

Every evening, the control unit - which is linked by WiFi to the Internet to give time synchronization - waits until its PIR detects the presence of a human. It then lights the gas flame. The flame burns until the thermoelectric generator concealed in the top of the candle has accrued enough energy into the inbuilt rechargeable battery to fully charge it.

The candle then downloads and plays today's current sponsored radio advert throught its audio output system, after which the flame goes out until tomorrow.

If there's no-one in the room that night, the flame doesn't light, and then when the occupants eventually return it downloads and plays today's advert plus all the ones they've missed.

May cause partial or total destruction of property if used correctly.

8th of 7, Dec 24 2018


       I wonder how slow a wax analogue could be burnt? Maybe, evaporate. Stuff could be hidden in a candle.
wjt, Dec 24 2018


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