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Product placement *within* adverts
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I know I'm sucking Satan's Cock here by giving any credence to the bottom-feeding low-life scum that warp the soul (RIP Bill Hicks), but here's an idea for the cocaine-fuelled advertising futzes..

Take a standard advert - (I love the industry slang for a typical brand-comparision detergent ad:- Wait for it:

"Two Cunts in a Kitchen"


Here's the idea :

What if one of the actors in such an ad does some 'peripheral action' eg a swig of a can of (yeah) Diet Coke?

But the camera doesn't linger on the soft drink moment.

Geddit? It's **normal** for her to do that.

It's another layer of hypnotism.

Maybe this is baked already - (I live in England - maybe u got that already in the US...)

If so, so what? Hey! imagine the emerging market in the Middle East!

Doomwidget, Feb 10 2003


       I will pretend that I only heard the key section of this. and I will forgo you the auto 5 bones that I feel you need. It wouldnt work as any interference from another market leader, even in a different field to the one being advertised, would be seen to be detracting from the actual advertised product. On the other hand if it doesn't detract from the advertised product, what benefit is the secondary product getting, because they aren't appearing on that advert for free you know......   

       Here is a nice Fishy skellington for you.. enjoy
The_Englishman_Abroad, Feb 10 2003

       Sorta baked already, usually referred to as "cobranding" or other puke-inducing Buzzword Bingo terms. Some examples:   

       The VISA campaign that targets American Express where they tell you all about some place, and then tell you that you have to bring your VISA card because that place "doesn't accept American Express". Those places they talk about are real businesses, and the ads are usually (in my mind) better ads for those businesses than they are for VISA.   

       The original Energizer Bunny commercials, as I recall, started with a fairly conventional commercial with the Bunny, then a conventional (real) commercial for some other product entirely, then a fake commercial for some imaginary product in which the bunny would intrude (having presumably continued his quest from the first commercial). In a sense, that real commercial "in the middle" was a product placement within the larger two-part Energizer commercial.   

       Ads for Dell, Gateway and so on that show the "Intel Inside" logo.
krelnik, Feb 10 2003

       I saw a tv commercial last night for an online dating / chat service *and* the new movie "10 Days to Lose a Man" (I think it's called) featuring snippets from the movie in the center of screen with information re the dating service on the top & bottom. Co-branding indeed.   

       I think this is pretty much baked, just not with the level of nuance [Doomwidget] suggests.
snarfyguy, Feb 10 2003

       Do we reject ideas here merely because of gratuitously offensive language? I hope not. But I do think it betrays a lack of consideration that starts things off with a negative bias. So in my book, at least, the idea has to be better to overcome the profanity than it would have to be without it.   

       In my judgment, this one doesn't rise to that level. Sorry , Dw. Maybe try again.
beauxeault, Feb 10 2003

       Oh yeah, I forgot. I second the above. I'm all for swearing, but "two cunts in a kitchen" isn't exactly clever.
snarfyguy, Feb 10 2003

       Well you know what they say,"too many.....oh never mind."
skinflaps, Feb 10 2003

       Sorry, can't apologise for 'profanity' - the reference to "2C's in a K" was an illustration of the real, and ongoing cynicism of 'the guys with da bow ties'
Doomwidget, Feb 11 2003

st3f, Feb 11 2003

       Good one [st3f].
snarfyguy, Feb 11 2003

       // the reference to "2C's in a K" was an illustration of the real, and ongoing cynicism of 'the guys with da bow ties' //   

       I find that hard to believe. That 'real and ongoing cynicism' present in your idea serves no purpose other than being obnoxious.
waugsqueke, Feb 11 2003

       Gratuitously prodding, perhaps.
bristolz, Feb 11 2003

       Fu*k U   


       here's da missing letter:   


       Naah! don't mean it -   

       Hey! Group Hug - Better?
Doomwidget, Feb 11 2003

       Notwithstanding aside all this entertaining banter, you good folks might like to have a look at the Usenet group:   


       Fun "English-style" whimsey
Doomwidget, Feb 11 2003

       Don't get your hopes up, ladies. Someone with this much charm is probably taken.
waugsqueke, Feb 11 2003

       Especially if you get all that for breakfast.
skinflaps, Feb 11 2003

       Is there a word, english or otherwise, that compares in scope to the amount of offense taken to the "c" word for woman, in most cases, but used for males instead? I can not think of one.   

       How about..   


       - Line borrowed from top geezer Mark Thomas:   

       see: http://www.mtcp.co.uk/
Doomwidget, Feb 21 2003

       what up
orangie, Feb 18 2004


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