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"Again" Stickers

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This is a set of large adhesive labels that say "Again" in different fonts, sizes, and colors. You carry it in your pocket or bag.

Then when you pass a store that is holding an obviously phony Going Out Of Business sale, quietly stick the word "Again" at the end of the sign. Then it looks silly.

"Going Out of Business Again"

"Lost Our Lease Again"

"Store Closing Again"

phundug, Mar 29 2013

XKCD's "Actual Size!" Stickers http://store.xkcd.c...ctual-size-stickers
This idea, or something similar to it, is just about baked. I have some of these stickers. [hippo, Mar 31 2013]


       born again, again
xenzag, Mar 29 2013

       Alternatively, "because we sell overpriced stuff that nobody wants" stickers could be used in similar situations.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2013

       This is very good. [+]
Can also be used on the Just Married signs!
xandram, Mar 29 2013

       “Wanted for murder”
ytk, Mar 29 2013

       again, again, again.
po, Mar 30 2013

       Lift (elevator) sticker that says (three North Americans)
not_morrison_rm, Mar 30 2013

       you can also stick them on fresh lame bus shelter ads.
gnormal, Mar 30 2013

       "In Bed"
WcW, Mar 30 2013

       NOT YOU AGAIN, again.
blissmiss, Mar 30 2013

       <labour union activism local advertisement>
"If you work here, then this is your fight!"

"If you *live* here, on the other hand . . . "
FlyingToaster, Mar 31 2013

rcarty, Mar 31 2013


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