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Antivertisers Anonymous

Make advertising pointless by spreading the slogans
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This is a top-secret, anonymous group of people (like the Freemasons maybe) that goes around a big city and does this: They create ads for companies and put other companies' slogans and logos on them.

For example: There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's American Express(TM). (In reality that's a Mastercard commercial).

Or: Carnival Cruises. Get out there (TM). (In reality that's a Royal Caribbean commercial).

The A.A. society will create beautiful, full-color ads and distribute them through various media: posters, magazines, billboards, etc. The ads will mix up everyone else's selling points, and, in fact, large corporations may even spend millions suing each other over the ads, accusing each other of ripping off a reserved trademark. When in reality it's just some secretive folks who want to make the world a more fun and more gentle place.

phundug, Oct 06 2005

Antivertising Antivertising
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       I'm not sure how trademark dilution makes anything more fun or more gentle.
bristolz, Oct 06 2005

       Hee hee! This is the sort of thing that really tickles my fancy.   

       "Credit Suisse - washes whiter than white at a price that's right!"
wagster, Oct 06 2005

       I've just read the title more carefully. Gonna have to link.
wagster, Oct 06 2005

       Waa, do I have to rename mine now? Mine's more of a mix-n-match, so everyone benefits from everyone else's publicity. You know, keeps things multi-sided.
phundug, Oct 06 2005

       Another spin off this could be this:   

       Say I own a bilboard. And I'm hoping to get Credit Suisse to pay me $4000 per month for my precious spot ... but they just don't want to even talk to me. So one day I post:   

       "Credit Suisse - washes whiter than white at a price that's right"   

       They come steaming in with their lawyers saying "Take it down now!" .. I'll say, ooh that? Well that's just an advertisement that I've donated to Advertisers Anonymous.... Sorry that space is already taken. But if you pay me $8000 per month I might consider taking it down. Ok now I've turened this thing into blackmail ... but what the heck.
ixnaum, Oct 07 2005

       this is called "culture jamming" and the organization you speak of exists as: university and college students.
schmendrick, Oct 07 2005

       I was slightly expecting:
"Hi my name is Bob and I'm an advertiser."
They say the first step is the hardest to take.
hidden truths, Oct 07 2005

       Bob probably would have been Roland if UnaBubba had had anything to do with it.
hidden truths, Oct 07 2005

       Companies can donate to antivertisers anonymous in order to stay on a white list of sorts. This would exclude them from the antivertising. Bigger, meaner, and less ethical companies (like PETA) would have to pay marginally higher rates. In an essence, you effectively have a media mafia, complete with blackmail!
iamnafets, Oct 07 2005

       PETA isn't a company and this doesn't seem much like an invention. Advocacy?
bristolz, Oct 07 2005

       whisper(tm). tastes great. less filling.
Dog, Oct 07 2005

       //Waa, do I have to rename mine now?// Not at all.   

       //this doesn't seem much like an invention// As [schmendrick] says, this is culture jamming and has been 'invented' before. If anything it's known to exist, but I'd let that pass. Chiefly because I like the particular form.
wagster, Oct 07 2005

       I've added the adbusters website. If you haven't already seen it, it's worth viewing. A bit anti-american for some of you US folks, be warned. some of their older work pre 2001 is fantastic. Like the one I have added as the next link.   

       I still like the different take you have with this idea. You get a plus from me.
DRudge, Oct 07 2005

       I have seen culture jamming, but not this specific type yet. [+] Interesting.   

       The only problem is that this is MORE ads, even if altered/fake.   

       [calum] awesome link. thanks.
sophocles, Oct 08 2005

       What? Santa is not real?
Ling, Oct 08 2005

       We've only 3 more years of Bushit. Iff we can wait it out, such tings are academic. There will be no Truth while the Corperate governs.   

       let the global interest take interest this next time & help fund the adds for the undereducated that won the election the last time. Tomorrow should be a beautiful thing, despite the shadow of the powers upon us.
Zimmy, Oct 08 2005

       Very poetic [Zimmy], but spelt like you've been on the sauce |-)
wagster, Oct 08 2005

       //I was slightly expecting: "Hi my name is Bob and I'm an advertiser."//   

       I was expecting that too. As and advertiser, I think a support group would come in handy. I have never been so absorbed by anything else in my life... which is sad, really, considering that most people seem to be displeased by the outcome of the work we do.   

       About a year ago, when I joined the creative team of a large, transnational agency (called DDB), I used to have mixed feelings about advertising, and went to bed every night thinking " tomorrow the world will be a little bit more consumist place, because of what I do for a living".   

       Then I learned to see the bright side: if I make good ads, companies will grow and this will generate more jobs in my country, México, where there is a high rate of unemployement.   

       I think that if these antivertisers anonymous want to be of some use, they could be more of an "adbuster" community, investing their money and energy on bilboards, tv ads and radio spots that point out all the lies in advertising. This way they're oposing to the effect of advertising, by helping people notice their irrational consumist behaviour, and not just boycotting the companies efforts to grow.
Pericles, Oct 08 2005

       I hate advertising as a cultural force, but some adverts make me think and some make me laugh. Try to make those sort of adverts.
wagster, Oct 08 2005


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