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Advertising Jingle Birds

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MaxCo's advertising department recently launched its range of printed corporate butterflies, only to realize that sexual selection could eventually lead to natural butterfly populations evolving to mimic their belogoed printed brethren.

This has led to unlimitless possibilities, most of which MaxCo. scientists are keenly pursuing.

Foremost amongst these subsipendary projects is our quest to create songbird populations whose songs are well-known advertising jingles. Think Nokia.

At the start of each ad campaign, we breed a population of songbirds, selecting only the fittest individuals and ensuring that they receive optimal nutrition throughout their early life.

Once a large population of uber-birds has been bred, each male is fitted with a sound-chip and a sound-activated piezo speaker, and released into the wild.

Every time these birds sing their natural song, the piezo speaker will follow it with a loud rendition of the sponsor's jingle. Wild females will, of course, be drawn to these birds partly by their natural song, as well as by their excellent state of health and nutrition. Eventually, though, they will learn to seek out males who belt out the Nokia ringtone.

Now the natural, piezo-speaker-less males will be at a substantial disadvantage. Their best strategy, evolutionarily speaking, will be to learn to mimic the jingles of their captive-bred counterparts.

Within a few generations, therefore, the natural population will be cheerfully chirping the advertiser's jingle. MaxCo is lovin' it.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 06 2014

Only thing I could find on the web http://www.youtube....watch?v=dwXWT-prPL4
[doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2014]


       This idea hovers on the edge of brilliance, but can't you just breed the birds to sing the particular jingle without the speaker attachment?   

       You get 1000 baby male birds.   

       You play the jingle in their cages Clockwork Orange style until that's all they sing.   

       The ones that sing it the best are paired with females, likewise the females are played the tunes and shown pictures of particularly hot looking male birds to make the association.   

       The only birds that are allowed to breed are the ones who show the strongest proclivity to sing/be attracted to the jingle. Release the offspring, let nature take it's course.   

       I am concerned that competitors might train predatory birds to go after particular songs though.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2014

       I'm not sure how far song can be imprinted in the way you posit, but it's possible. There are certainly several species that mimic other sounds.   

       As for the predatory birds - if we start out with particularly healthy songbirds, then the predators would gradually learn to go after the natural- sounding birds in preference.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2014

       The science might be a little shaky. Would be a fun experiment though.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2014

       It's possible that you have misunderhended.   

       The Nokia ringtone birds will be bred and released en masse by Apple.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2014

       Only 3 buns is unconscionable. Please review and bun as necessary.
doctorremulac3, Feb 13 2020


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