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Automatic Inflatable Audience

For commercials and such
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The idea of having an audience of inflatable people, for commercials filmed in sports statiums, etc., is pretty well baked. This idea, however, is different.

Instead of the people making the ad bringing their own inflatables, they would be built into the seats of the stadium.

Before inflation, the plastic people would be folded away underneath the seats. Air would be provided by fixed pipes, running below the floors to each seat. With a flick of a switch, all the people inflate at once, using a centralized compressor in some hidden utility room. Quick deflation would also be possible, since with a flick of another switch, the compressor could be run in reverse, acting as a vacuum pump. Atmospheric pressure would then fold the dummies flat, and the seats would go back to their original positions.

Obviously this would only be used for places which need to quickly be switched between normal use (for real people seating) and advertising filming/photos.

goldbb, Apr 30 2009


       A huge fee would have to be charged for the use of the audience in a commercial.
DIYMatt, May 01 2009

       besides expensive, when real people were in the seats there will be beer, vomit, ketchup etc, strewn all over, so those inflatables will get really gross.
xandram, May 01 2009

       love it - could they do a mexican wave?   

       get the real people to squish *their* inflatables back into the seat.
po, May 01 2009

       Good for Yazz and Milli Vanilli concerts, though a bit late [+].
nineteenthly, May 01 2009


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