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Signature Tires

"DesertFox wuz here!"
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Leave your mark everywhere you go with signature tires. These special tires have your name or phrase engraved in them as treads, so wherever you leave tire tracks, you leave your mark!
DesertFox, Jul 01 2004

Picture Tyres http://www.nokianty...bike/images/aws.jpg
[PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 05 2004]

Tire of Arms http://www.halfbake...ea/Sole_20of_20arms
Put your coat of arms on the tires [neelandan, Oct 05 2004]


       sweet. Now this is a bit of a stretch, but if you printed the letters REALLY thin, when you accelerate hard (sp: burnout) the thin letter would smudge and write your message on the pavement. +
swimr, Jul 01 2004

       I like. Would make it much easier for CSI.
simonj, Jul 01 2004

       [simonj] i was just about to say the same thing. might need to put a palindrome on them so it's easy to read after you've reversed. (+)
xclamp, Jul 01 2004

       How about 'racecar'?
harderthanjesus, Jul 02 2004

       This would lead to people being named WWWWWWWWW for safety reasons.
bristolz, Jul 02 2004


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