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Adverts pave the way to free vehicles

Advertisers sponsor vehicles
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I have a brilliant idea. However, I'll share this half assed one instead.

Grab the latest greatest in microbes that fart Hydrogen, technology. Or great batteries that recharge from air eddies powering lil turbins at positions where the drag is already wasted via poor airodynamics. Or what ever actually is the latest greatest, non-muscle-car tech, nowadays. Add regenerative breaking electrical generation. All excess juice that cannot be soaked up by the battery array. , heads into a capacitor!

The capacitor.Hehe. Will not discharge its near perfect rate of stored energy, until a predetermined value of inefficiency in the operation of the vehical was reached.

Power breaking will get this\these capacitors juice to discharge quicker. Quicker than slow accelerations and a gliding passive , go with the flow, deceleration ...

The catch is that, the capacitor ZAPS the occupants asses. ZAPS a HELLUVA ZAP To such an alarming degree that they then exit the car. Leaving it roadside and available for the next user. The screaching shrill exclaimations of these recently shocked draws attention to the Adverts. 3M has some pretty cool films that are durable and printable. Films displaying the propaganda, making the scheme payoff.. for the advertisers.

Even the energy aware drivers will eventually hit this discharge point ( Pavlov Operator point). That's when they, like all others, get their smokin fanny outa there and head off at a good, healthy, HOOFING-IT, pace. Probably in the range of trotting for the elderly and obease. While a flat out sprint for the healthier. I'd assume they would average 15 kmh .. and would be energized for a good half an hour. So, a right healthy 7 k !

If, in the event a driver reaches their destination before the capacity had discharged, upin the buttoxs, Then some useful purpose should be invented to use the saved-up energy wisely, to the benefit of the underwriting advertiser. So the next use would start afresh.

Sir_Misspeller, Jan 09 2009


       //heads into a capacitor//
A way of turning ships waste into energy?
coprocephalous, Jan 09 2009

       this reads like an overlong episode of Dinosaur Comics!
conskeptical, Jan 09 2009

       [admin] Corrected spelling in title - if it was a pun or something deliberate, and I didn't get the joke, feel free to change it back - sorry!
zen_tom, Jan 09 2009

       [z_t] Could you have a go at the rest of the spelling, please?
coprocephalous, Jan 09 2009

       I would love to, but limit to titles - the Mozilla Firefox browser has a very handy integrated spell checker - if it wasn't for that, I'd make a lot more mistakes than I already do.
zen_tom, Jan 09 2009

       I think I'd be seriously tempted to bun it if I could read it....   

       Is this a plan whereby you get to drive a car for free until you've released x amount of pollutants into the air at which time you're ejected and the car is then available for the next person ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2009

       Awww, keep your precious puff pastries [F T] ... hehe .   

       But ty the reality check. I actually had a misconception my scattered ways were well disguised.   

       Yes.[—FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2009]You are traveling in traffic as a 'bus stop bence ad, a ballistic, hunk of metal, billboard. And you get the reward of the provided transportation taken away for poor efficiency in driving. Somewhat in a 'you can laugh at it later' way . As, capacitors are great at saving energy, but not at putting it to practical use for transportation, I suggest a shock treatment ( ejecting) as an effective, affective use of regenerative breakings' energy....   

       But, not as simply as a metering of footprinting. Take into account economy efforts, also.This, green drivers can potentially pollute with the ride more, via they have control longer.   

       not a cap. a tax your ass!
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 09 2009

       The financials don't add up-- an ad-viewing is worth, at the very most, $1. Operating costs for most cars are $0.50/mile. The negative value of a shock at an unknown time, possibly while on the way to an appointment, makes this car worthless. This idea seems to assume advertising is compelling enough to make this work, so [-] enslavement via advertising.
sninctown, Jan 09 2009

       A roadside big billboard will cost in the neighborhood of 60,000 USD. I saw an rss from autobloggreen where a lil vehical coming outthis year, seats four, has oodles of efficiency and costs 2500 USD. dont quote me   

       also come tax time around here human adverts are dressed up as Uncle Sam. They stand roadside, wave fake money. Now if they wave fake 100s vs fake 5s makes no difference. What attracts attention is the liveliest antics .....
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 09 2009

       Ack! Spell-check fixes the spelling but it can't save the content! Help us help you... Help us help you.
WcW, Jan 10 2009

       I take no personal attack from your words. I know I am locked in my own mind. My racing thoughts will have a solution that barely registers as perceptible to my conscience self. And then to try and flesh it out leaves it a jumble of uncoherant words. no doubt!   

       however your intention was, malintended or constructive, matter not, as you left no hint as to what the Ack! was aimed at!
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 10 2009

       [marked-for-deletion] diarrhoea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2009

       so when some thing is marked for deletion, am I as the originator supposed to delete it? or is that a function of admin?   


       1. I notice a [ marked for deletion]   

       2. I ask advice
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 10 2009

       and in actuality [F T] my conditioin is more diarrhoea of the brain and constipation of the mouth.   

       at twelve I started a life apart from society . schizophrenia. Any knowledge from that point on was screwed . Until i first had the chance to get online . 2004-5.   

       I finally went to a doctor ( god love that man ) in 2002. ( thirty some odd , pun intended, years later)   

       Now come to find that I get to carry a diagnoses of ADHD, which I personaly think is a bunch of Hooey.   

       Albiet, my feedback here certainly is indicative that diagnoses is proper . As I cannot see what is factually effecting my otherwise near gifted intellect.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 10 2009

       OK, we have here a daydream about delivering electric shocks to inefficient drivers. Economically, it won't work. I'm not qualified to comment on whether the purely electrical part would work. The presentation could use some work, but let's make allowances for the poster's personal history.   

       I think [FlyingToaster]'s MFD is over the top - there's no need to be personally abusive. On the other hand, cruelty (to bad drivers, in this case) is a recognised grounds for [marked-for-deletion], so that one might hit home.   

       [Sir_Misspeller], you are under no obligation to delete the idea yourself (though you may, of course). If you choose not to delete the idea yourself, then an admin (and I'm not an admin) has a look and decides whether to enforce the MFD.   

       I hope that clarifies things. If not, there's always the link to 'help' under the heading 'meta'.
pertinax, Jan 10 2009

       Why are all these (Y'all) perfect intellects that I am so fond of... being near to, near impossible to enlighten? I did not daydream hurting anyone. My interum usage of a likely future power source. A power source that is efficient at storeing kinetic energy quickly as potential. A power house in the transportation industry of the near future. IMHO A globally substantial turn of events positive for average folks. For their earned living. A living now disproportionately being spent to travel to and from the job itself. IMHO, ridiculously.   

       Nope, I daydreamed of starting to play around with the technology now. Now, even before the technology is perfected. To regain this energy, recycled more passively than is now reality, will take the public interest. Capitalism and also average citizens participation, awarenes. enjoyment, rewards.   

       Willing and knowing public transportation users in my schema, were not hurt for being poor eco greenies. Because, they were actually apart of the solution. Knowingly and willingly.   

       My HELLAVA shock also energized the do-gooder driver .( all were essentially a dojgooder )To a point that they would be both motivated to further attempt demonstrate perfect eco practice patterns in their driving patterns, next luck, better score, better next time.   

       While enjoying the spotlight of this useful public transportation,also looking forward to the inevitable motivational(shock) adrenalin pumping, in the spot light person . A robust energetic 15 min of fame ( or car pool full of persons, moments of fames) doing the ultimate green transportation. Pedestrianing it!. And gain some healthy exercise along their, day in day out, way. Exercise that might otherwise be procrastinated away until a doctors visit was the, modern way we are earning a living in a rat races, result.   

       So Ill not delete it, as I feel it now has been bolstered to standing as a non-indefensible daydream.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 10 2009


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