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Air Swimming

swimming to Cambodia
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Air Swimmers look like they are preforming either the Crawl or the Breaststroke only through the air instead of in the water. Air Swimming requires the wearing of a Drone Suit.

The Drone Suit has multiple motor driven blades located at strategic points along the back of the arms, legs and lumbar region. These are all linked so that the slow, gestural hand and leg movements characteristic of swimming are translated by gyros into a lifting and forward motion action, achieved by subtle and co-ordinated rotor blade feathering.

Air Swimming is only recommended for low level travel.

xenzag, Aug 05 2016

(??) The title takes me back https://www.youtube...watch?v=ieMCKk_7Hs8
As an undergraduate, I once got permission to do a live performance of this monologue on a proceeds-to-charity basis, but suffered an organisational failure so it never happened. [pertinax, Aug 07 2016]


       hmm... I think you'd actually want two different motor types : lifting and movement.   

       Lifting's job is giving the swimmer artificial neutral buoyancy, whether they're on their front, back, side, backside, or poking up and down. A bit of radar and fuzzy logic in there.   

       Movement motors would be on the wrists and ankles (or hands and feet): attitude is controlled directly by the attitude of the hands and feet, while pitch and power in the blades is controlled by angle sensors in the shoulder, elbow, hips and knees. They work to amplify the effect of the palms and soles of the feet on the air, simulating swimming through water. The swimmer can then swim up or down and backwards, as well as forwards.   

       (sorry, xen, just being a dick)   

       Why would you want to go to Cambodia ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2016

       It's just a book title, by Spalding Gray.
xenzag, Aug 05 2016

       A novel by Isaac Asimov, "The Gods Themselves", had significant parts of it set in a Moon colony, where low gravity and high air pressure made it easy to swim through the air. Asimov suggested that swimming would actually be easier for humans to do, than flying.
Vernon, Aug 05 2016

       It will be easier and cheaper to use body-position-based controllers for a drone harness.
Voice, Aug 06 2016

       [pertinax] what happened to your video?
pashute, Dec 21 2016


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